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That Defines Your
Fate By Vibrations

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics deals with your body's energy fields. It corrects any defects found there to cure your illness.

It also deals with the Gene and the DNA which gave us life and Defined our Bodies, Minds, and Character.

Your color, height, weight, strength, weakness, heredity and genetic disorders are all stored in this DNA.

Store House Of Information

These molecules have predefined information on how your body, mind, and intelligence will function at any time. Information and Details from the color of your skin to the beauty of your face are also stored there.

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Sub Topics In Bioenergetics

You have a store house of knowledge in bioenergetics. It explains to you the human body and mind in all its aspects. It reveals to you more secrets about your body, mind, cell, DNA, and its role in conducting your life.

It tells you that you have two bodies. A matter body and an energy body. You have energy fields in and around you. Your energy body exchanges information constantly with your matter body and with your intelligence.

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Cells Communicate

Bio-energetics says your body has 60 trillion cells. Each cell can speak to all other cells! It is all done by electromagnetic signals. It explains the information exchange from each cell to any other cell in your body.

Your energy body records all these signal communications and stores them its memory. An expert bioenergetician can scan your energy body and extract the needed information from the store house in its memory bank.

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Give & Take By Energy Body
Lets us Diagnose and Treat

It's given us ways to diagnose anyone by quantum physics techniques. You can use these to extract data from the client's intelligence, energy body and energy fields, info about the root cause disorders for all his diseases.

Like this the energy body reveals each one of the aggressions suffered by him and the root cause disorders for all his illnesses. Not only that. It also points out and indicates remedies from our valise to cure his every illness.

Elicit Response

Quantum Physics has given these techniques to elicit information from your client's body about the real causes for his illness. You can use these to scientifically diagnose him and do a perfect treatment to cure him.

When you undergo Energy Treatment, we employ all these techniques to treat you. As these are the latest scientific developments, you do not get much information about our these healing techniques in the media. Why?

Why e-Treatment is Not Famous?

e-treatment is done using only herbal substances. No oral Allopathic or other medicines are used. Once the treatment is over, the patients in most cases do not depend on any medicines. Nor do they need them.

Hence the pharmaceuticals are against us. The Governments toe their line. They say 'You don't use any oral medicines or injections. So how can we call it is a treatment? That's why e-treatment hasn't become famous.

New information

That is why I have written this and other pages on bioenergetics, like the Human Cell and The DNA and the secrets of cures. These pages explain to you the scientific aspects our diagnosis and treatment methods.

We have referred to bio-energetics in many of this site's pages. It might not have made any sense to you, for it is totally new. That is why we wrote these pages to make you understand all our treatment methods.

Latest Research

You will be astonished to learn about the amazing cures achieved through bioenegetics! Study them to understand the secret of cures. Then you'll realize the value of our e diagnosis and e treatment in curing diseases.

These principles of bio energetics are universally applicable to cure any disease. Many of the so called incurable diseases have been already cured by bio energetics. It is not just a treatment for any particular disease.

New Diagnosis!

Bioenergetics diagnoses, your channels, meridians, chakras, heredity, endocrine faults, brain disconnections, organic time lags, command points, brain liver connections, mental and childhood blockages.

Till now, such thorough investigations were unheard of in medical history. If you suffer from an incurable disease, It's because no one detected & treated these disorders. Only bio energetics can do that!

Treats Body & Mind

Bioenergetics doesn't treat just an organ or function. It treats your mind, body, and every one of its 60 trillion cells! When you come to us, you give 60 trillion clients in your cells plus your mind for treatment.

I write all this for you to benefit by this valuable info! I want you to know these revolutionary new developments in bio energetics, which has enabled us to cure even the so called incurable diseases!

Topics On Bio Energetics

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Take Scientific Help

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