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Preventing Diabetes

What is the latest info on diabetes research? It is that research is on for preventing diabetes in kids.

If you are an adult, preventing diabetes is easy, if you watch your weight, and control what you eat.

For preventing diabetes, you have to maintain your weight, and you must also be fit to avoid infections.

What About Eggs?

Some folks think that eating daily one egg helps in preventing diabetes. Research says that this is not true for every one, including you.

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Aspirin & Diabetes

Diabetes research further says that, low dose aspirin taken daily reduces heart disease, but not diabetes. However, determined and lasting life style changes help to reduce the vehemence of diabetes, or any other disease.

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Vitamin K & Sleep

Research warns you that if you use vitamin K, you may unwisely induce insulin resistance in your body. As such, it favors diabetes. It also warns you that poor sleep patterns alarmingly increase your blood sugar levels.

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Coffee & Green Tea

Diabetes Research has good news for coffee lovers. Coffee reduces your chances of diabetes. Green Tea also helps. Both help to reduce incidence of diabetes. But you have to be moderate in using coffee and tea.

Coffee and Green Tea are both useful in preventing diabetes type 2. So also, if you include Magnesium in your food in any form, it helps you in preventing diabetes. Avoid polluted food. It increases your diabetes risks.

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Diabetes Research Suggests
Fiber & Calcium

Research for Diabetes guides women too! If you're a woman, dietary fiber helps in preventing diabetes in your pregnancy. Like wise, Calcium, Vitamin D, and moderate use of alcohol, reduce your chances of type 2 diabetes.

Western diets promote diabetes in women. However, do not attempt to do any drastic changes in your diets. To start with, make very few changes. Slowly and slowly increase the menu to conform to your ideal planned diet.

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Beware Of Pills

Ongoing Research warns you to watch out for birth control pills. If you take them regularly, you may get kidney disease. Watch your weight daily! Take steps to reduce it. It is said to increase your beta cell functions.

So also if you get gestational diabetes, you must be watchful to prevent incidence of heart disease. Research has found a link between these two. Reduce obesity and overweight, if you want to prevent heart disease.

Treatment Options

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