E Diagnosis By Remote Or Direct- Which is Better?

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

New Methods!

E diagnosis is better than all other diagnostic methods. It is the most useful discovery in medical history!

This diagnosis finds out those hidden root cause defects which allopathic diagnosis can never truly find out.

It also finds out the root causes of diabetes and enables you to define your most effective treatment!

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The Difference

Most other treatments fail to control diabetes or its complications, since they treat only the superficial causes which is not enough. They do not know how to find out the hidden causes in the human energy dimensions.

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But, here is the latest good news from bioenergetics. Now, it is possible to identify these hidden causes and effect the most appropriate treatment. This advancement is achieved in bioenergetics through Energy Treatment.

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Intelligent Dialogue

Energy Treatment, is based on this new diagnosis. Using principles of quantum physics, it engages your energy body into an intelligent dialogue. It gets its feed back on the hidden causes from your intelligence.

In this manner we extract from your energy body, precise information about the hidden causes and the toxin blockages causing your diabetes. These are your root causes. We treat and cure them by E Treatment.

Obtaining further information through such dialogue and feed back from your energy body and intelligence, we design and do a perfect treatment to cure the hither-to-fore undetected defects in your body.

Actual Cure From Infantile Paralysis, Impotence, & Diabetes!

Not Available Elsewhere

Except with us, You don't find energy related diabetes diagnosis in other systems. They don't have methods like our diagnosis to find hidden defects. In the 1st place they don't even know that such defects exist.

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Why Others Fail?

Unable to diagnose and being unaware, the other systems do not take any steps to correct these root cause defects. That is why these systems fail to cure diabetes or any other disease.

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Precedes E Treatment

E Diagnosis reveals to you lots of important details on your root cause disorders, which are never diagnosed in allopathic testing. Before you take Energy Treatment, you must apply for and undergo your e diagnosis.

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Measurements & Findings
In E Diagnosis

Here we examine and measure the symmetry in your energy fields. It finds out the toxin elimination efficiency in your body. It also finds out the blockages in the energy path ways, in your twenty four energy meridians.

We examine the polarities of your energy channels and it measures your channel strengths. And it diagnoses your chakras in your crown, forehead, throat, solar plexus, and abdomen.

These measurements enable you to accurately find out all your energy blockages. This is not not at all possible in allopathic testing. Hence, this indispensable diagnosis augments allopathic efforts to cure your diabetes.

Remote Or Personal

You can have this diagnosis in person or have it by remote techniques from where ever you are! Both are effective methods.

In remote methods, we communicate with your intelligence and diagnose by measuring its signals. These signals travel through space like radio waves between you and us. We evaluate and interpret these signals.

These signals reveal the root causes of diabetes in you and all your other diseases. Based on this we define for you the most effective treatment.

Which is Better?

We do remote diagnosis and treatments for all diabetes patients with astonishing success! If you live far from India, you can certainly have your diagnosis and treatment by our remote methods with great success.

You can have this diagnosis in the special offer for less than the cost of a good lunch. You can apply for it here through The Apply for E Treatment Page and confirm your appointment.

Visit Our Clinic!

For some people, face to face consultation and e treatment appeals better. The only advantage you have over remote methods is that you meet us in person. You can choose according to your convenience.

You are welcome to India! Come and have your consultation and e diagnosis. You can also have your treatments for all types of diabetes. Kindly fix up your prior appointments through our contact page.

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

You now have detailed reports on E Diagnosis done on a patient with Diabetes Type 2. With Many New Scientific Procedures! Click here to See Reports! See The World Of Difference From Allopathic Diagnosis!

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