What Causes Pre Diabetes?

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi


What causes Pre Diabetes? Why should you or anyone get this type of diabetes? What are the causes?

Is it true that it will it become Type 2 diabetes in you? Can you prevent it? Are there any good Treatments?

The why and how of prediabetes is explained here in this article in the light of latest scientific facts.

Life Long Struggle

The worry starts, when you become older and pre diabetes transposes into Type 2 Diabetes. Then it becomes a life long struggle for you to control your diabetes and prevent its complications.

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Pre-Diabetes means predisposed to acquire severe diabetes. When the disease is in its early form, you may not worry much about it. When you are young, you have got a lot of steam left in you.

Supposing your diagnosis confirms your pre diabetes. Your doctor tells you that prediabetes is a warning sign and a precursor for diabetes type 2. He also tells you to better take care to prevent it.

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It is then you look for what causes this type Diabetes. To understand this, you must know what is digestion and glucose metabolism. And know how glucose becomes energy, and about the role of insulin.

You must also know about the importance of liver and the correct glucose levels. When you understand these, you will know what causes this diabetes, and prevent the risks of your promotion to diabetes type 2.

Energy Secrets

You know that you get energy from food. Food is broken down into carbohydrates, proteins and fat. The carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. It is absorbed in blood. Your cells produce energy from glucose.

Glucose is absorbed in your body cells to produce energy, through ATP. Any disturbance in this process causes your pre diabetes.

Sixty Trillion Cells

Each cell in your body works like a factory to produce energy from glucose. Your body has sixty trillions cells. Each cell absorbs glucose from your blood and produces energy. This is the result of glucose metabolism.

The glucose comes from your blood stream. A hormone called insulin, which is secreted from your pancreas, helps this glucose to enter your body cells. These cells accept glucose through their membrane walls.

Glucose & Energy

This happens when these cells respond well to your insulin. This way, glucose enters inside your cellular factories, energy is produced from glucose and the level of glucose in your blood stream comes down.

When this process is impaired, it becomes one of your causes for your pre diabetes. Cells resist absorption of glucose, levels of glucose increases in your blood stream and you develop symptoms of prediabetes.

Glucose Metabolism

If due to some reasons, enough glucose does not enter your body cells, a situation arises when very little of glucose gets into the cells and too much of it is left behind in your blood stream. What are those reasons?

Insulin makes your cells absorb glucose. If it is insufficient, necessary glucose does not enter your cells. It leads to high blood glucose levels. This explains high blood glucose, and how you got your pre diabetes.

Pancreatic Disorders

If your pancreas is damaged by virus, heredity or genetics, it may not produce enough insulin. Or though sufficient, it is altered to be incompatible to your body cells. These cells do not respond to your insulin.

In both cases, glucose entry into your cells is restricted, more glucose stays back in your blood and all these cause your pre diabetes.

High BP & Cholesterol

If you have hyper tension, it can cause your Pre diabetes. If you have high cholesterols of the LDL type, and have low amount of the HDL type, and when you have high triglycerides, you are prone to get prediabetes.

It is further confirmed by clinical examinations, that high blood pressure, unsafe cholesterol levels, high triglycerides and the metabolic syndrome are contributing factors for your prediabetes.

Aging & Obesity And
Pre Diabetes

Generally, after forty years of age, people tend to be more inactive, more likely to put on weight and the natural body defenses are blunted by the aging process. This can also lead to your pre diabetes.

Obesity and being over weight can be powerful reasons for what causes prediabetes in you. you have more fat tissue in your body which makes your cells resistant to insulin. That is how you develop prediabetes.

Gestational & Polycystic

If you had gestational diabetes in one pregnancy, your risk for developing diabetes again is more, even after your disease disappears. You may develop diabetes type 2 or prediabetes.

Women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, tend to be obese and their body cells are more resistant to insulin. Polycystic ovary syndrome can be the powerful reason for what causes diabetes in them.

Idle Life & Heredity

Suppose you lead an idle life with out much activity. As you do not burn much glucose, your body cells need less of it. In the long run they become insensitive to it.This is one of the reasons for what causes diabetes.

If your forefathers had diabetes, you will be prone to get prediabetes. People of certain races get prediabetes than people of other races. Heredity, racial factors and aging can also be the reasons.

Why Others Fail?

Unable to diagnose and being unaware of these root causes, the other systems do not take any steps to correct these defects. That is precisely why these systems fail to cure prediabetes and most of your diseases.

Take Scientific Help

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