What Causes Diabetes Bioenergetics
Discovers  New Causes

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Bioenergetics And Its
Energy Diagnosis

What causes diabetes type 2 is a mystery to allopathic research.

Is there a new diagnosis which takes us to the real causes?

The answer is, Yes. Modern science Bioenergetics has come out with a perfectly scientific new diagnosis!

New Angles To Explore

This new diagnosis has given new angles to explore for causes of any disease. This energy diagnosis of Bioenergetics, has revealed more causes for diabetes, and its findings have given us many new methods to treat this disease more effectively.

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Insulin & Type 2

You have Diabetes Type 2 when your body cells do not respond to the available insulin or the available insulin is not sufficient. It means either your insulin is not compatible. Or perhaps it is not produced enough.

In both cases, the available insulin is not enough to use up all the glucose in your blood. Therefore, your blood glucose increases to highly dangerous levels. This explains to you what causes diabetes in most cases.

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What Causes Diabetes?
Origins In Heredity

Your heredity is one of the origins for your diabetes type 2. You know now that diabetes runs in certain families. As such, they do not inherit the disease. They only inherit a tendency to develop it!

If one of your parents has diabetes type 2, 10 to 15% of the children will also develop it. In the case of identical twins, If one has it, there is a one hundred percent chance, that the other twin will also get the disease.

Exposure To Virus

Viral infections also account for causing diabetes. If you are exposed to virus early in childhood, you may have a cause. it damages your pancreas and the islet cells too, so that pancreas can not make insulin.

Immune Disorders

Your immune system defends you by attacking and destroying bacteria and virus. Some times it over reacts. It attacks and destroys the islet cells in your pancreas which affects production of insulin.

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More Causes Revealed

Bioenergetics reveals more possibilities to find out the causes of diabetes. It looks into your energy channels, and diagnoses all about your energy fields, energy body, energy meridians and energy command points.

This new diagnosis reveals the so far undiscovered causes like loss of symmetry in your energy fields, influences of aggressions, and many more like your brain disconnections, organic time lags, and toxin blockages.

Amazing Cures

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