Diabetes Complications
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Why Complications?

You develop diabetes complications when your diabetes control is poor. It is due to ineffective treatment.

It affects blood vessels and thickens your capillaries. The excess blood sugar causes these complications.

It narrows your blood capillaries and leads to clots and blockages. It decreases blood flow to your body.

How of Complications

Less blood travels to your organs, systems, and functions. Bereft of life sustaining oxygen and essential nutrition, these parts develop serious diseases. This is how you develop many kinds of diabetes complications.

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Diabetes Complications
Despite Medical Care

You suffer from decreased blood flow & inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients. It affects all sixty trillion cells in your body. It creates diabetes complications in your heart, brain, kidney, nervous system & sex organs.

Not only You, it affects all the diabetes patients world wide in spite of the best medical care. This calls for a new treatment with better diagnosis, by scientific investigations with better controls, and a natural cure.

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Heart Disease

According to American Heart Association 75% of diabetic people like you die of some type of heart and blood vessel disease. Your capillary blockages prevent blood flow to your heart causing your heart disease.

Do you know that coronary artery disease afflicts diabetes patients? Your chances are 2 to 3 times more than the others. You have even more chances to develop hyper tension and other cardiovascular disorders.

Heart disease, Angina, capillary blocks, heart failure, & heart attacks are diabetic complications afflicting millions like you having poor control of diabetes due to the existing inefficient allopathic treatment methods.

High Blood Pressure

You already know that diabetics suffer from coronary thrombosis & blood pressure. High BP or Hyper Tension is a silent killer disease. It is one of the most serious diabetic complications adding fuel to fire with diabetes.

Psychological fear of premature death afflicts you due to your diabetes-complications. In spite of the best medical care, you live with chronic suffering, sleeplessness, life long medications, and harmful side effects.


Your thickened blood capillaries develop clogging deposits inside their walls. These fatty deposits prevent, block and some times stop blood flow. This stops the supply of oxygen to the nerve cells of your Brain.

When this happens even for a few seconds, you suffer strokes. If you have diabetes, you face a higher risk for strokes. Diabetics often suffer from strokes which are very serious diabetic complications.

Paralysis Or Death

When you suffer strokes, diabetic shock, or coma, death is not far off.
You often get paralysis due to strokes. Stokes and diabetic coma cause frequent deaths, in a large number of Type 2 and Type 1 diabetics.

Obesity, hyper tension and lack of exercise are risk factors for diabetes complications like strokes. E Diagnosis and E Treatment rectify the root causes for strokes and helps to prevent these evil effects of diabetes.

Kidney disease

Diabetes damages your kidneys. Excess sugar in blood damages your millions of nephrons, capillaries, & tubules which filter blood and separate urine. This filter system is damaged leading to your kidney disease.

It is one of the most serious complications in diabetes. Insufficient blood flow in kidney capillaries reduces supply of oxygen & nutrients to your kidney cells. This damages your kidneys and hastens kidney failure.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes damages your nerves, particularly in your hands and feet. Nerve damage makes you feel numbness in certain parts. You also get burning pain, tingling sensations and shooting pains in these areas.

Diabetic neuropathy is one of your diabetes complications. If it occurs in the digestive area, it ruins your digestion, and gives constipation. If it occurs in the brain and the heart, it leads to strokes or heart attacks.

Nerve damage in your eyes affects your vision and it makes you blind. Blindness is one of the fearful complications in diabetes. If you have nerve damage in your eyes, it is difficult to prevent your blindness.

Vision Failure

Diabetic Retinopathy is the major cause of blindness. It is the No.1 cause of new cases of blindness between ages 20 and 60. Almost one out of every twenty patients with Diabetes Type 1 eventually becomes blind.

Diabetes damages your optic nerves, the capillaries in your eyes and your brain's vision center. Diabetes Type 2 patients, and of other types, suffer blindness, one of the tragic diabetes complications in their later years.

Diabetes & Impotence

Impotence is one of your most sensitive diabetes complications. Nerve & capillary damage in your penis doesn't allow enough blood flow to sustain erection. Diabetes makes you lose your libido & you suffer impotence.

Imbalances in your hypothalamus and pituitary also lead to diabetes and impotence. It is only by ensuring the overall wellness of these endocrine organs, by a new treatment like E Treatment, you can correct impotence.

Diabetes And Obesity

Diabetes is further complicated by obesity. Obesity is a pre cursor to diabetes in pre diabetes and diabetes type 2. It can lead to chronic diseases, High LDL or bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and strokes.
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Diabetic Foot-Amputations

Gangrene and threat of amputation are your other most fearful diabetes complications. Diabetes causes poor circulation of blood, and damages the nerves in the feet. Numbness increases the chances of your foot injuries.

This causes you to ignore infections in your feet. These infections refuse to heal. Very often, it results in tissue death, gangrene and amputation of your fingers, feet or your whole leg. Millions of diabetics suffer like this.

Glimpses of New Hope

Diabetes complications are now better managed by the New Treatment For Diabetes. Based on Quantum Physics, it has a better diagnosis, better control, new treatment methods and chances of a natural cure.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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