Bioenergetics -Human Cell
And Your DNA

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Fantastic Development

Bioenergetics confirms that as a new baby, you had about 60 trillion cells in your infant's body.

You had this fantastic development from a single egg cell. There is a scientific story behind this growth.

It happened by electromagnetic data communications between your body's cells with your energybody.

Egg Cell's Intelligence

Your tiny egg cell is intelligent. In a rabbit, it knows how to make a whole rabbit from one such cell. In an elephant, it knows how to produce a huge elephant from one cell. Take your first cell. It knew how to produce you!

The Miracle Stuff Of
Creation-The DNA

How did your first cell know to construct your body? It takes you to the miracle stuff of creation, the DNA. It is the dictator in each of your cells. It tells each of your cellular components how to behave and what to do.

Your DNA orders your cell to divide and replicate itself. The cell obeys and divides into two identical new cells. Each new cell multiplies further into 2 more identical cells. The process of division & addition continues.

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Cellular Division And
Genetic Code

In bioenergetics, two cells become four, four become eight, and eight become sixteen! This multiplication continues through out your life! It created those 60 trillion cells in you within 9 months of your fetus life.

This is cellular regeneration. It is done to transfer your Genetic code, to each cell in your body, by your DNA. It commands all your cells for each construction activity with the know-hows, methods, and other recipes.

DNA Has Data Banks

Bioenergetics confirms that all data for making your body is printed in the data banks of your DNA. It is transmitted from one cell to another & one generation to next by cellular replication & cellular division.

Your DNA tells each cell what to manufacture, what to seek and what to avoid. It works like an architect who draws up a grand design for a building. It hands over the cell construction to different contractors.

Transfers Information

As per bioenergetics, the RNA units are these contractors. You have got both Messenger RNAs and Worker RNAs. One messenger RNA snuggles up to the DNA and takes a blue print of the info by Transcription.

Then it transfers that information to a worker RNA. This worker RNA starts building according to instructions. For example it may build one of your body proteins choosing its raw materials from the 20 amino acids.

Jobs of Construction

It strings these proteins together like beads in a specified pattern. The result may be a pulsating muscle cell for your heart, or a contractile muscle cell in your legs, or it makes whatever else your DNA ordered.

Self Healing Begins

What if some thing goes wrong at this stage with the cellular wellness? There is no brain or the nervous system to assist. The entire defense and maintenance are effected by your immune system and the energybody.

The energy body works all the time scanning your cells to learn the causes of cellular illness. it radiates into each of your cells & gets this information. It tells the DNA How to Effect the Repair Where & When.

Data For Self Healing

At this macro molecular level, the DNA relies on this info from the energy body to effect healing. It starts ordering production of life saving hormones enzymes & antibodies to effect healing and cure the illness.

The transfer of data on illness and that of healing instructions from the the DNA are achieved by electromagnetic waves, which convey these data. A breakdown in such communications prevents your self healing.

Healing By Bioenergetics

Such a breakdown happens when the source of information is eclipsed. It also happens when there are blockages in the communication lines of your energy body for getting information from regions of illness.

Such breakdowns happen also when your body reacts in self defense. At this stage self healing is not possible. Your body needs external help! It is here we intervene and do our Energy Diagnosis and Energy Treatment!

Role Of Bioenergetician

We scan the energybody and find out the cause for such breakdowns. We discover what has gone wrong, apply quantum physics techniques and restore communications. It's how we restore self healing in your body!

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