Causes of Diabetes Mellitus
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The real causes of diabetes mellitus baffle those in allopathic research. They fail in their outdated methods.

In their diagnosis for diabetes, they do not examine your energy body. They totally ignore its importance.

It results in an incomplete diagnosis. They fail to find the real causes of your diabetes or any other disease.

Does Not Help

They diagnose your physical body and they are not even aware that you have a more important entity, called your energy body. They do not know what they miss. Therefore, their diagnosis does not help to cure you.

Ignores Energy Body

You can not find out the exact causes of diabetes mellitus, if you ignore diagnosis of energy body. Because, if its communications with your DNA are affected, it affects your body self defense and prevents healing.

Your energy body reports to your intelligence info about the root causes for any disease. It scans your cellular system and gathers this data. It can not do this if you have disorders in your energy fields or energy meridians.

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Causes Of Diabetes Mellitus
High Blood Sugar

These real and important causes of diabetes are not revealed in allopathic diagnosis. It examines the disorders in your blood sugar levels. Your doctor says that these disorders are due to defects in your pancreas, or insulin

You get diabetes if your body cells can not absorb glucose. It needs hormone insulin to do that. If insulin is insufficient, or has quality defects, it can not absorb enough glucose, and your blood glucose shoots high.

No Clear Answers

As such, the causes for diabetes mellitus include insulin defects and high blood glucose. In gestational diabetes, it is due to insulin resistance. In diabetes insipidus, it is due to defects in secretion of hormone ADH.

But, if you ask why you have insulin defects, insulin resistance, insulin insufficiency, and trouble with ADH, you do not get a clear answer. You can not get correct answers, if you ignore diagnosis of your energy body.


Bioenergetics has come out with new causes of diabetes mellitus in your heredity, brain disconnections, endocrine functions, liver disconnections, organic time lags, mental blockages, and command point disorders.

It discovers these unexplored disorders by energy diagnosis. It also rectifies these disorders by Energy Treatment. Curing these disorders improves your self healing, which makes recovery and cure possible.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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