What Causes Diabetes?
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Unrevealed Facts

Exactly what causes diabetes? If you ask medical experts, they will have no clear cut answers.

If so, how then will they cure your disease? If you want a cure for diabetes, you've to look elsewhere, beyond conventional research.

Latest Research

Latest researches in Bio Energetics reveal that the answer lies in your body energy fields. Why then is it not recognized by allopathic medicine? It is as usual. Reluctance to admit the excellence of alternative medicine.

Diabetes Type 2

You have Diabetes Type 2 when you have excess blood sugar. It happens if your body cells do not respond to your body insulin. It is incompatible with your body cells and they just do not do not recognize your insulin.

What happens when you do not have enough insulin? When it is not sufficient to burn enough glucose? Here, it fails to reduce your high blood sugar and to meet your energy needs. Then too you have diabetes type 2.

Glucose Metabolism

You already know that your blood stream picks up glucose from your digestion. It is further absorbed by your body cells to produce energy, by Glucose-ATP reaction. This can happen only with the help of insulin.

Insulin persuades your cells to absorb glucose from your blood stream. It catalyzes your ATP Energy reaction. It persuades the liver to store the excess glucose as glycogen. Thus, it regulates your blood glucose levels.

Insulin Disorders

If some thing goes wrong with these biological reactions, you develop very high blood glucose levels. This is what causes your diabetes type 2. See Most Important Reports! Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4, Report 5

You have just now seen two reasons for what causes diabetes. These are insufficient insulin and incompatible insulin. In both cases, your body cells absorb less glucose and more of it stays back in your blood stream.

High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar makes you urinate more often. You lose more water in urine. You thirst for more water. Deprived of energy you get excessive hunger. You eat more food and cause more build up of blood sugar.

What Causes Diabetes?
Role Of Heredity

If you ask about the role of heredity in diabetes, the answer is diabetes tends to run in families. It may surprise you to know that you do not inherit the disease, but you only get a tendency to develop it.

Your heredity plays a stronger role in diabetes type 2 than in type 1. If you have diabetes, 10 to 15% of your children will also acquire the disease. In identical twins, both are equally liable to acquire the disease.

Viral Infections

If you have defective pancreas, that affects your insulin. Some times, the islet cells are destroyed by certain virus infections. This explains what causes diabetes when you have insufficient or defective insulin.

If you have a hyper active immune system, it can cause diabetes. While fighting bacteria and virus, it attacks and destroys the insulin producing islet cells in your pancreas. In certain cases, this is the cause of diabetes.

Hidden Causes

Allopathic medicine has not found out exactly what causes diabetes, why immune system over reacts, what causes incompatible insulin and insulin insufficiency, and why of brain, hypothalamus, and pituitary disorders.

What causes diabetes is best found out by scanning your energy body, meridians, channels, chakras, energy fields, and unstable command points. It can be triggered by loss of polarities, symmetry, and energy field shifts.

It reveals root causes for endocrine dysfunctions, brain disconnections, and heredity disorders. It also reveals organic time lags, infections, cellular disorders, childhood, and mental blockages which lead to diabetes.

Take Scientific Help

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