Obesity and Diabetes
New Treatment To Deal With The Global Menace

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Global Proportions

Obesity is now a Global Disease. You find millions of ads for obesity and diabetes all over the internet!

In most pages you find ads for you to lose weight, reduce belly fat, trim your waist, and gain six pack abs!

It proves that obesity like diabetes has begun to attack most people and has attained Global Proportions!

Increasing BMI

Facts reveal that the average BMI of diabetic Americans increased from 12% in 1991 to an alarming 20 % in 2000. It keeps increasing through out the world. Obesity and Diabetes have really become a global menace.

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Chronic Diseases

A man's BMI that was 25 in 1991 went up to 30 in 2000. It was the beginning of obesity. It further rose to BMI 36 in 2008. He now has very severe obesity. This increase has made him a host for chronic diseases.

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Control Obesity

If you want to control obesity and diabetes, you should take advantage of the new diagnosis and treatment methods. Then only it is possible to control these evils. You also have to take certain important precautions.

Eat a little less. Walk a little more. Exercise a little more. Cut down on smoking and alcohol. Reduce free radicals by anti oxidants. Have a master health check up. Weigh your risks and act now itself to save yourself!

Unknown Defects

Examine your health by more scientific diabetes diagnosis like E Diagnosis. Its investigations reveal many defects in your body which are not at all revealed by allopathic diagnosis. These are your real root cause disorders.

These are the contributing factors for your diabetes and obesity. These also cause your other chronic diseases. Such root cause disorders are not diagnosed or diagnosable, even in your latest modern allopathic diagnosis!

Find The Unknown

These disorders may be energy fields shifts, lymphatic blockages, or cellular toxin blockages. These prevent your life energy to reach your vital organs, systems and functions. There can be other energy field disorders.

These root causes are behind your pancreatic disorders and insulin defects. These are behind your endocrine and metabolic disorders. These are behind your obesity, diabetes and other even more chronic diseases.

Obesity and diabetes
Energy Disorders

Your obesity can be caused by a loss of healing frequencies which your energy body dropped and could not put back. It can be the loss of symmetry, or polarity defects, or blockages in energy meridians.

Treatment Options

Have E Diagnosis and E Treatment procedures to remove these deep weaknesses which cause obesity and diabetes. These unleash and restore your self healing powers and produce radiant health in you.

Consult Your Doctor

In between, you may have an infection or an accident injury which are medical emergencies. These, and temporary disorders like head ache or stomach upset should be treated by allopathic or homeopathic methods.

Therefore, do not avoid periodic consultation with your family medical specialist and regular allopathic doctors. In addition, take E Treatment as the real effective diabetes treatment and ensure radiant perfect health!

The Next Move

Obesity and Diabetes have left you susceptible for many complications. Armed with this new information in this web page protect y9ourself with our unique diagnosis and treatment methods.

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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