How To Control Diabetes
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Proper Attitude

How to control diabetes is a frequently discussed topic.

When you have diabetes, you receive a lot of advice from your doctor on how to control it.

You have to follow it with a proper positive mental attitude.

Alternate Treatment

Ensure that you get the best medical testing, medical help and the best alternate treatment. Discuss with your doctor frequently. Take help from other latest diagnosis, and scientific methods for healing diabetes too.

Expert Advice

Diabetes is a dangerous disease which sucks your vitality little by little. Your medicines may not be sufficient to control the disease. You also have to take expert advice on how to control diabetes and follow it.

Your doctor will help you with the services of a good endocrinologist, a nutrition specialist and a diabetes counselor. They will guide you in controlling diabetes, with proper diet, medications, exercise and sleep.

Maintain Dairy

Maintain a dairy to record your routines. Record any changes in your foods sleep hours and habits of exercise. Discuss changes with your doctor. Teach yourself how to control diabetes by testing your own blood sugar.

Be Systematic

Be regular in your food habits and timings. Take care not to miss a meal. Or else you may develop hypoglycemia. Learn how to control diabetes by avoiding chocolates and sweets which may cause hyperglycemia.

Be punctual in taking your medicines. Take only the precise dosage of insulin and each medicine recommended by your doctor. Do not have two doctors and two sets of medicines.

Stick To Your Best

Inquire well in medical circles, find out the best doctor and stick with him. If you have to change him, discuss with the new doctor about your old doctor, his treatment and those medicines with out fail.

Avoid Self Medication

Self medication is highly dangerous. Avoid self medication at all costs. Learn from your doctor how to make judicious use of multivitamins, anti oxidants, zinc and selenium as your food supplements.

Correct Sugar Levels

If you want to control diabetes, learn the correct blood sugar levels. It should be below 120 mg per deciliter before your meals. If you test it after your meals, it should be below 180 mg per dl. Maintain these standards.

Check Yourself

If you are checking blood by yourself, be sure that you change your lancets after each use. Follow the latest and correct recommendations of taking out minimum required blood with zero pain.

Follow Sensible Diet

Take nutritious food. Learn how to control obesity and diabetes with food or diet based on the advice from your your dietitian. Three square meals a day is a good practice. Follow their advice on how to control diabetes.

Carbohydrates And Lean Meat
How To control Diabetes

Take their guidance in choosing a good selection of carbohydrates, lean meat and fat to make up your meals. Drink plenty of water. Take plenty of green and leafy vegetables. Eat at regularly fixed hours.

Avoid Stress

Have at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Sleep regularly at the same time. Avoid stress at all costs. Plan your work and activities well in advance. Complete your work as per planned schedules.

Avoid back logs and stress. Keep alcohol to the minimum. Avoid drinking during day. Cut down on your smoking and coffee. Drink enough of green tea. Include these in your recipe for how to control diabetes.

Exercise Helps

Work out an exercise schedule. Vary your exercise to avoid boredom. Organize a group of friends for exercise. Be regular in your timings and practice. Take your doctor’s advice to control diabetes.

Examine Feet

Be careful to avoid any injury. Examine your feet regularly. Do it by using a mirror soon after your bath. Report any injury, sores or wounds to your doctor. Always use the correct fitting shoes and socks.

Understand how to prevent diabetes and its complications and evil effects, by opting for E Diagnosis and E Treatment, even while remaining some what healthy. Always remember, Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Dental Hygiene

Be regular in cleaning your teeth. Brush well after each meal. Take care to avoid gum injury. Do regular flossing to prevent gum diseases. It prevents cardiovascular diseases besides helping to control diabetes.

Have E Treatment

Take advantage of bioenergetics with its new findings and the new diagnosis. How to control diabetes, is easier with better solutions from E Diagnosis and E Treatment. It fills the void in allopathy by bioenergetics.

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