The Unique Findings Of Diabetes Diagnosis

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

E Diagnosis Report 4

This page takes you to a completely new chapter on diabetes diagnosis revealing many novel investigations.

See how energy diagnosis probes new areas which have never been diagnosed in allopathic methods!

This unique diagnosis was done on a diabetes client by remote methods using modern science bioenergetics.

Heredity Issues

You hear from allopathy, that due to heredity issues, many diseases are not curable. Here too, due to heredity, this client has lost a few health frequencies. Allopathy has no remedies to restore these lost frequencies.

Their diabetes diagnosis can not trace origins of heredity faults. Here, we identify these faults, and also rectify them by finding the correct healing frequencies. This patient needs these frequencies from essential oil sage.

Immunity Disorders

You also find many diseases incurable due to immunity disorders. Here, restoring frequencies activates and regulates your immune system. It corrects diseases of immunity disorders & in this client his diabetes.

Liver Disconnection

You know that liver disorders can indirectly cause diabetes. This unique diagnosis reveals a disconnection of his liver from its brain control center. It also reveals how to correct it, by transmissions from a herbal harmony.

It further reveals inability of his liver to process blood. To rectify this, it calls for vibratory transmissions from another herbal harmony. Restoring his lost frequencies from this harmony, will correct his liver dysfunctions.

Details about which frequencies and to which locations on his body, are found in this diagnosis, by scanning for feed back from his energy body!

Infections Detected

You will be surprised to know that this unique diagnosis has detected some peculiar infections in this client. Further probing reveals how to cure these infections, by transmitting appropriate frequencies from the correct herbs.

Endocrine Disorders

If you have endocrine disorders, you can get diabetes. In this case, the client suffers from such defects. His diagnosis has confirmed that a few transmissions of frequencies from a trace element will correct these faults.

Brain Disconnections

You find a major discovery in "Brain Disconnections", found out by this new diabetes diagnosis. When ever overwhelmed, your brain with draws some protection, and abandons certain areas to attend to your urgent priorities.

It is called brain disconnection. When the emergencies are over, your brain is not able to reestablish those protections, which were withdrawn earlier. It causes many diseases and also diabetes. This client has these defects.

Diabetes Diagnosis Reveals
Two Disconnections

This diagnosis reveals to you two disconnections. When the brain loses connection with an energetic region, it is called the Major. On the other hand, when it loses control over an organic or tissue region, it is Minor.

This client's diabetes diagnosis has revealed both disconnections. It has suggested remedies to restore these connections by Energy Treatment by vibratory transmissions, command point regulation, and other techniques.

Restoring Connections

In this client, you have to restore the connection to that area, which is lost to his brain control. You can find this by scanning all the points in his Conception Vessel. This diagnosis has revealed a special remedy for this.

He also needs rectification at the exact area in his brain, which lost its connectivity. This diagnosis has revealed that exact brain location by scanning all the points in his Governor Vessel, with the Lecher Antenna.

Needs Two Procedures

The new diabetes diagnosis recommends two scientific procedures to rectify his brain disconnections. The rectification part is achieved by the new treatment, which adopts e diagnosis and e treatment simultaneously.

He needs transmission of the vibes of a brain connector, at the body point, along his Conception Vessel. He also needs it at another point along his Governor Vessel. The second one is his brain point of disconnection.

Mystery Of Incurables!

Do you know why allopathic experts find diseases incurable? These resist cure because of these brain disconnections. In the first place such experts do not even know about these disconnections. If so, how can they cure?

These are energetic disorders and can not be corrected by allopathic medicines or treatments. Only Energy Treatment is equipped with its new diagnosis to identify these disconnections and correct them.

Fills The Voids In Your
Allopathic Diagnosis

Allopathic diagnosis is highly inadequate. Our diagnosis fills the voids in allopathic diagnosis. It enables detection of disorders not found by allopathy. It's why we recommend it to you!

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Diabetes Diagnosis of Chakras

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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