New Diabetes Diagnosis Or
E Diagnosis First Three Procedures

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

What is E Diagnosis?

Now you are going to witness a new diabetes diagnosis, which thoroughly investigates many new areas.

It probes your energy body, energy fields, energy channels, energy meridians and all energy field shifts.

It diagnoses all kinds of your your toxin blockages, and thoroughly investigates your 5 major chakras.

Other Factors Diagnosed

You will also witness the diagnosis of your heredity disorders, endocrine dysfunctions, brain disconnections, mental blockages, childhood blockages, organic time lags, weak command points, which may cause your diabetes.

E Diagnosis Report 1

You will get to know your real causes of diabetes by this new diagnosis. We achieve this for you by diagnosing your channel strengths, polarities, elimination ganglions, meridians and defects in their working order.

Here is the first report on our remote diagnosis done on a patient from a different country, who suffers from diabetes type 2. See how e diagnosis investigates new areas which are not at all diagnosed in other systems!

In this new Diabetes Diagnosis, we apply quantum physics principles, scan and measure your body energy fields by Lecher Antenna, Bio Feed Back Tester and other hi-tech instruments.

Energy Channels - Polarities
The Cosmic Channel

Bio Energetics reveals that our life is controlled by the Cosmic Energy, Telluric Energy and Cosmo-Telluric Energy. We must have these energy channels present in us, with the correct polarities for our perfect health.

The Cosmic Energy comes to us from the Cosmos and our Solar System. It controls our mind, brain and nerve signals. We measure it on this client by Lecher Antenna. We find that it is present and is in good working order.

Earth Energy Channel

Diabetes Diagnosis measures Earth Energy at 8 Lambda. It runs upwards along your spine. It has negative polarity, when measured by the antenna. In this client, we find the earth channel working and properly connected.

The cooling earth energy comes to us from Earth. It nourishes our blood and cellular systems and ensures our well being. It acts as a break on the dynamic cosmic energy, and balances its aggressive effects in our body.

Cosmo Telluric Channel

We measure it on this client in his Conception Vessel command point 17 or CV 17. We measure it at 15.3 lambda by the Lecher Antenna. We find that this channel is also properly working and connected in this client.

If the cosmo-telluric channel is not connected, it will affect the cellular regeneration in his body. This can lead to defective cell formation and defective structures in many of his internal organs and external limbs.

Diagnostic Observations
Diabetes Diagnosis

In this client, we find that all these channels are properly connected. If any channel is not connected, diabetes diagnosis restores its connection by external shunting with the Lecher Antenna. Here, it is not required.

It is only when all these vital channels are properly connected his mind, biological processes, endocrine functions, and brain body communications, will work properly. Other wise, he loses his defense and attracts diseases.

Lymphatic Ganglion

We also measure the extent of toxin blockages in his lymphatic ganglions, by this diabetes diagnosis. We measure it in six locations of his torso, between his shoulders and groin, by Lecher Antenna at 2.1 Lambda.

We measure three ganglions on his left and three on his right. Only three are working well. The remaining three are blocked, the lymph liquid is congested causing accumulated toxin blockages in these three ganglions.

Vibratory Toxin

Cellular regeneration results in both matter and vibratory toxins. The latter is expelled as vibration into air. When we measure CV 17 of this client, we find too much of unexpelled vibratory toxins there, which is very harmful.

Diagnostic Observations

It means that his matter toxin elimination efficiency is affected by 50 percent. His vibratory toxins elimination is equally bad. These blockages prevent life energies from reaching the most needed organs and functions.

This is how diabetes diagnosis finds out the root causes for his diabetes and other diseases. He is only as healthy as this efficiency reveals. His health is affected by over 50% making him liable for further complications.

Other Scientific Reports

This is not the end. There are four more diagnosis reports on the same patient. Each one is New and Different. Do not miss them. Click now to See these Reports! Diagnosis 2, Diagnosis 3, Diagnosis 4, Diagnosis 5

See the World Of Difference from Allopathic Diagnosis! The new diagnosis reveals what you missed out in allopathic diagnosis, your real weaknesses causing diabetes. It's why you mustn't miss our diagnosis & treatment. Information For Disease Free Living! Useful Advice For Women Over 40!

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

You now have detailed reports on E Diagnosis done on a patient with Diabetes Type 2. With Many New Scientific Procedures! Click here to See Reports! See The World Of Difference From Allopathic Diagnosis!

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