Human Intelligence – Basics Concepts of Bioenergetics!

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

The incredible Powers

The human intelligence works like a Super Computer! It is connected to every cell in your body.

You have about 60 trillion cells. Each cell acts like a mini computer. It receives and transmits info.

Like this each cell in your body is net worked to the Giant Computer called your Intelligence!

Giant Network

This net work is millions of times larger than the communication networks of the whole world. It has a great capacity to receive, and transmit info to every cell in your body! It is controlled by the Your Intelligence.

It remembers the past up to several generations in your heredity. It even remembers genetic data of your ancestral fore fathers in your anteriority. It remembers the catastrophes you underwent in your ancient past.

Keeps Data Bank

Your intelligence transmits and receives, electromagnetic signals from each cell. These signals are like your cell phone transmissions. All of your body cells emit a spectrum of tiny nanometric waves with gigahertz frequencies.

It stores all the impressions of your past and present lives. It also evaluates and records the future possibilities. It records this information in its data banks. These records are in an electromagnetic coded format.

More On Human Intelligence
Your Energy Body

Your intelligence interacts with the electromagnetic energy fields in your body. These fields are known as your energy body. Whenever there is danger, your energy body senses it and informs your intelligence.

Your intelligence immediately interacts with your brain. It orders your brain about actions to take in defense. For example, it calls for a battalion of antibodies to be sent to fight the enemy of a virus or bacteria.

The Lecher Antenna In

Scientific research as of yet could not develop a machine or computer to tune into and measure your body wave lengths and frequencies. It was only bioenergetics, which discovered The Lecher Antenna for this purpose.

We use lecher antenna to scan your energy body, and speak to your human intelligence. We extract info from your energy fields, and cure your incurable diseases by e diagnosis, e treatment, and bioenergetics!

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