Energy Diagnosis or E Diagnosis
Measurements By Bioenergetics

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Measure Energy Fields

Energy Diagnosis examines energy fields around your body for their symmetry around your body center.

We measure energy flowing towards your chest and energy flowing away from it to nourish your body's cells.

We check symmetry of the energy fields in and around you relating to your mind, brain, and other organs.

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Energy Field Symmetry

We also check your vibratory energy, defense energy, elimination energy and sacred internal polarity. We measure them at different wave lengths in your five chakras levels. We check each one for its energy field symmetry.

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Detox Efficiency

Energy-Diagnosis measures toxin blockages in six ganglion levels. This tells if you eliminate your toxins as soon as you produce them. If it is highly incomplete, it can be the major cause of your diabetes and other diseases.

We measure toxin elimination efficiency in six ganglion levels. Three are to your left and three are to your right, in your front torso locations. We measure these toxin blockages, with Lecher Antenna at 2.1 wave length.

Energy Meridians

We also measure by energy diagnosis, the energy flow in your twenty four meridians. These are measured with the bio feed back energy tester. These readings gives an idea of the blockages in your energy meridians.

These readings indicate the extent of blockages in the flow of your management energy directed by your brain to satisfy the diverse cellular organic needs. Blockages there can give rise to any disease in your body.

Energy Polarities

Your each body cell has cosmic and earth polarities which control energy flows, channel strengths and your health. By e diagnosis, We measure the accuracy of the polarities of your cosmic and telluric energy channels.

Correcting Chakras
Energy Diagnosis

Chakras are important nerve plexuses in your body which play important roles in preserving your health. In e diagnosis, we measure the activity in all your important chakras. We also correct any defects by e treatment.

Unique Diagnosis

It is by e diagnosis, that we find out the loss of symmetry, in your energy fields. We find out the toxin blockages in your body. We also find out the energy flow blockages in your twenty four energy meridians.

We find out the mistakes in the polarities of your main energy channels and measure their channel strengths. We diagnose your chakras in your crown, forehead, throat, solar plexus, and abdomen.

These measurements of energy diagnosis enable us to accurately identify the blockages, which are the undiscovered causes for your disease. This kind of a complete diagnosis is possible only in bioenergetics.

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Take Scientific Help

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