Use Lecher Antenna
To Correct Your
Energy Field Disorders

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Better Than Computers

There is no other instrument in this world like The Lecher Antenna to measure Nature's subtle vibrations.

No computer can do it! Used for scanning and healing, it works on the principles of Quantum Physics!

It measures life’s energy waves. It measures the energy wave lengths and their energy frequencies.

Helps In Healing

It works on the principle of resonance and measures the EHF, extremely high frequencies and low nanometric wave lengths. It helps to heal you.

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Scientific Invention

The Lecher Antenna was invented by a German Physicist Ernest Lecher in 1869 to measure earth’s magnetic fields. It was then developed by scientists to measure nanometric wave lengths & giga hertz frequencies.

You can also use it as a dowsing instrument. But the antenna has got many more important scientific uses. It can tune into your inner body energy fields & find out if a vibration is favorable or unfavorable to you.

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Used For Healing

You can tell by this antenna if a medicine suits you. You can find out allergens causing you diseases. You can find out which therapy suits you better among Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayur Veda or Herbal Therapy.

You can identify and select the exact herb to fulfill the lost health frequencies in your body. You can identify the exact frequencies of that herb, which are needed by your body for healing your disease.

Used For Scanning

You can use Lecher Antenna for measuring energy levels in all your internal organs like the heart, lungs, liver, spleen & kidney. You can use it to measure your stomach, bladder, gall bladder, or any other organ.

You can use it for scanning your body energy fields. You can measure the organic, metabolic and energetic imbalances by measuring these fields. It can restore the energy equilibrium in your brain and endocrine organs.

Energy Transmissions

This Lecher's Antenna can tune into the frequencies of a medicine, attract a vibration needed by your body, and transmit the vibe like a radio wave to reach you. It is done by quantum physics techniques of resonance.

Distance Healing

You can do distance healing by such energy transmissions. The Sun transmits visible light which contains many frequencies to infinite distances at the speed of light. This antenna works in the same way.

The antenna attracts the energy vibrations in a medicine. It transmits these vibes through space to a remote patient, like electromagnetic radio transmissions. This is how it produces healing in the patient.

Color Therapy

This Lecher's Antenna is used for Color Therapy as well. It can identify, which color is missing in your body and transmit that color into your body energy fields, to restore your health and remove your disease.

The antenna does it by energy transmissions. In analogy, we are all products of remote transmissions of sun light from the Sun. Plants and animals live by sun light. We eat these plants or animals, for our living.

Lecher Antenna Is
A Scientific Wonder!

The Lecher Antenna is a scientific wonder. It helps an allopathic doctor when he is confused on which brand of an antibiotic suits his patient. The antenna tunes into his energy fields and points out the correct brand.

It identifies imbalances in your heredity and genetics. It identifies which organ in your body is disconnected from your brain and repairs that dis- connection. It is helpful in curing most of the so called incurable diseases!
Exciting Cures By Lecher-Antenna!
Wave Lengths Measured By Lecher-Antenna!

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