Warning Signs Diabetes

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Warning Signs Diabetes
Logic Behind Signs

There is logic in the development of diabetes symptoms. Your body can not convert blood sugar into energy.

Therefore, your blood sugar shoots up to dangerous levels. It triggers excessive thirst and your urination.

Lack of energy triggers more hunger.

Energy Starvation

As food is not used up, you lose weight. Your body cells starve. This energy starvation affects your body's effective functioning. Your body cells lose their self defense mechanisms.

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Warning Signs Diabetes
Excessive Thirst

Your most revealing sign for diabetes is Excessive Thirst. If you frequently thirst for water, you may have Type 2 Diabetes. It shows that you have too much blood sugar and your body craves for water to dilute the blood.

Excessive thirst is also one of the symptoms of adult diabetes. In Type 2 diabetes, some insulin is available to convert your blood sugar into energy. Therefore its symptoms are not so revealing as in Type 1 Diabetes.

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Warning Signs Diabetes
Frequent Urination

This thirst makes you drink lots of water. Your body uses it to scavenge the excess sugar in your blood. Therefore, it gives you this frequent urge to empty your bladder. Frequent urination is a sign of Type 2 Diabetes.

Frequent urination is one of the symptoms of adult diabetes. If you are a busy executive, you may not notice the increase in the number of your bath room visits. This makes you susceptible to acquire Type 2 Diabetes.

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Excessive Hunger

Excessive Hunger is another warning sign for Type 2 Diabetes. As glucose is not available to your body cells, sufficient energy is not produced, and all the cells in your body begin to starve. It makes you constantly hungry.

Excessive Hunger is also one of the symptoms of adult diabetes. If you are obese, you may be on a diet, and you may easily ignore this symptom.

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Diabetes Warning Signs
Loss of Weight

Loss of Weight is another warning sign of Type 2 Diabetes. Your body can not convert food into energy. Though you eat, your appetite is not quenched. It makes you lose weight. All your muscles become emaciated.

Loss of weight is also one of the common symptoms of adult diabetes.

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Warning Signs Diabetes
Slow Healing of Wounds

Slow Healing of Wounds is another sign for Type 2 Diabetes. As your body cells do not get enough energy due to diabetes, it slows down the healing mechanisms. Therefore, your cuts and wounds take longer time to heal.

Slow healing of wounds is one of the familiar symptoms of adult diabetes.

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Warning Signs Diabetes
Erectile dysfunction

Lack of energy causes nerve damage. It affects your private parts. Your penis does not register sensations correctly. The call for surge of blood fails to reach your brain. It causes erectile Dysfunction and Impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the typical symptoms of adult diabetes.

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Warning Signs Diabetes
Blurred Vision

If at any time, you experience blurred vision, take care! It is a warning sign for diabetes. When you have excess sugar in blood, it has a tendency to pull out the fluids from your eye cells. This causes blurred vision.

Blurred vision is also one of the typical symptoms of adult diabetes.

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