Early Symptoms Diabetes
Do Not Ignore Them!

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Early Symptoms Diabetes

You should learn well about early symptoms diabetes. If you don't recognize them it'll badly hurt you.

Diabetes is a Killer disease. It slowly depletes your energy. It drains your body cells and your body defense.

It afflicts your natural powers of immunity. It is a growing epidemic which attacks even your young kids.

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Early Symptoms of Diabetes
1. Excessive Thirst

When you ignore this, you delay your treatment and invite complications.

If you feel like drinking water, you are thirsty. If you often feel this need, it is quite abnormal. Why do you have this frequent thirst. Perhaps your cells are getting depleted of water. And this is a symptom of Diabetes.

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Early Symptoms Diabetes -2
Excessive Urination

Normally you feel the urge to pass urine at fixed intervals. If you feel that you urinate more often, you have to take care. It happens If you have too much of sugar in your blood. And that is a symptom of diabetes.

Early Symptoms -3
Excessive Hunger

Hunger is a healthy sign. Being hungry too often is not. It happens when your body can not convert all your food into energy. Constant shortage of energy makes you constantly hungry. And that is a symptom of diabetes.

Early Symptoms -4
Blurred Vision

If you have blurred vision, take care. If not, you may go blind. If you have excess blood sugar, it pulls water from your eye cells. This causes blurred vision. Left uncared, it can make you blind. And it is a sign of diabetes.

Early Symptoms -5

Diabetes damages blood vessels affecting blood circulation. It results in damage of your nerve cells. As a result, you feel numb in your feet and fingers. You feel no sensation. This numbness is a symptom of diabetes.

Early Symptoms Diabetes -6
Burning Pain

Your nerve cells get oxygen and food from your blood. When blood does not circulate properly, these body cells and nerve cells starve and begin to die. This causes intense pain. This burning pain is a symptom of diabetes.

Early Symptoms of Diabetes -7
Erectile Dysfunction

Inadequate circulation does not allow enough blood to your penis to sustain erection. Your nerves can not signal to the brain to send enough blood. It causes Erectile Dysfunction. It is an early sign of diabetes.

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