Knowledge Of Early
Symptoms of Diabetes
Can Save Your Child 

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Look for the Symptoms

Early symptoms of diabetes are unmistakable. If you watch, you can easily notice these symptoms.

If your child is too young and can not speak out, it is better for you to look for these symptoms.

It is not able to express itself. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for you to be alert.

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Do Not Ignore Symptoms of Diabetes!

Early Symptoms of Diabetes
Causes of Symptoms

Your child suffers from childhood diabetes when its glucose metabolism is affected. The food that we eat is broken down to carbohydrates, sugar and ultimately it becomes glucose absorbed in the blood.

When your child needs energy this sugar enters its body cells and becomes energy. This action happens under the influence of hormone insulin. With out this insulin, the cells can not absorb glucose from blood.

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Look For The Unknown

As soon as your doctor confirms that your observations confirm the early symptoms of diabetes in your child, you start worrying about what causes diabetes in your child. If your doctor, he will not know the exact cause.

Conventional medicine, says it does not know even now the exact causes of diabetes. But, latest advances in Bio Energetics have confirmed that these causes lie in your child's energy body and body energy fields.

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Body Secrets Revealed

These may lie in its energy meridians or energy channels as blockages. These blockages may be lymphatic, vibratory or cellular toxin blockages. In Bio Energetics, we have a thorough diagnostic tool called E Diagnosis.

It says the causes of the symptoms of diabetes are the loss of symmetry in your child's energy fields, and blockages. These are diagnosed in E Diagnosis, and treated by the new treatment, called E Treatment.

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Insulin Defects Trigger
Childhood Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone secreted from pancreas. If its function is impaired due to heredity, genetics, an affliction or infection, it may not be able to produce insulin. Supposing, this supply of insulin is affected in your child.

Then, its body cells can not use up glucose to produce energy. Glucose accumulates in your child’s blood to dangerously high levels. This condition triggers the following early symptoms of diabetes in your child. Secrets of Cures By Bioenergetics!

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is the number one of the early symptom of diabetes in children. Frequent urination occurs to deplete the excess glucose accumulated in the blood stream.

If your child is wetting the bed too often, it may be suffering from childhood diabetes. The disease is also known as juvenile diabetes, diabetes juvenile and type 1 juvenile diabetes.

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Excessive Thirst

The second important sign among the early symptoms of diabetes is excessive thirst. It is the result of frequent urination. Too much of water and body fluids are lost in frequent urination.

Your child’s body should always maintain a standard amount of water balance for its healthy survival. This essential water balance is disturbed by frequent urination.

There occurs a further loss of too much of electrolytes in urine. Therefore the child craves for water or drinks and seems to demand it frequently. Excessive thirst is a typical early symptom of childhood diabetes.

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Excessive Appetite

When your child has childhood diabetes, it will feel hungry quite often. It always demands for something to eat. This happens because, the child experiences an all round shortage of energy in its body

The glucose in its blood stream is not getting used up as energy. With out this energy all the muscles, tissues, nerves and organs suffer. This induces symptoms of hunger in your child.

In this way, excessive appetite or hunger becomes one of the early symptoms of diabetes. Look Here For Other Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

Loss of Weight

Actually, there is a surplus of glucose available in your child's blood, but there is no nutrition or energy coming to it from that glucose. As a consequence the child loses its body weight.

There is a lot of muscle wasting, ill health and loss of weight. This is one of the main symptoms of childhood diabetes. It is also one of the early symptoms of diabetes.

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Weakness and fatigue are early symptoms of childhood diabetes. These are the common early symptoms of diabetes with adolescents and children who suffer from diabetes type 2 as well. The child feels weak.

It is poverty in the midst of plenty! Energy resource in the form of glucose is largely available. But energy is not produced in the cells and there is no energy coming to the child. It results in all round weakness.

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Slow Healing of Wounds

Childhood diabetes is characterised by excess sugar in your child’s blood. It causes damage to the capillaries, and atherosclerosis. Fatty deposits cause narrowing of blood passages. Blood flow is reduced.

Hence oxygen and nutrition supply to the destination cells is very much reduced. The situation is further worsened by nerve damage which occurs due to the above reasons.

This scenario serves as a breeding ground for the bacteria. It prevents early healing of wounds and sores. You can notice this slowness of healing in among the early symptoms of diabetes.

Blurred Vision

If your child can not see the black board clearly in his class room, it calls for an immediate visit to your doctor. Blurred vision is one of the early symptoms of diabetes, which needs immediate attention to save its vision.

Do Not Ignore Symptoms of Diabetes!

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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