Lecher Antenna -A
Scientific Wonder To Measure Body Energies & Cure!

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

In Graphology

You can use the Lecher Antenna for measuring the positive and negative vibrations.

You can measure the vibes in your hand writing and signature.

It can help you to identify and correct negative ways of writing and negative effects of a signature.

Facts In Graphology

Graphology states that you write with your brain and not with your hand. Your hand writing and signature reflect your mental health. Correcting these, gives to you, somato-psychic healing effects on your personality.

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In Vastu

You can use the Lecher's Antenna to identify the Hartmann Grid, Lay Lines, and Geopathic Aggressions from the Earth. You can perform remedial measures, and verify the Vastu cures, by measuring with this antenna.

You can use the antenna, for building science to locate negative vibrations. You can measure aggressions from radio activity, cell phones, high tension wires, computers, and television monitors and correct them.

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In Numerology

You can use this antenna to measure the subtle vibrations hidden in the alphabets and numbers. You can use it to measure the overall vibrations in any name. You can ascertain the correctness of a name or signature.

Each name has got different vibrations for the initials, first, middle, and last names, name number, phonetics, and the overall vibrations. You can measure and correct all these vibrations in a name with this antenna.

In Gemmology

You can also use the Lecher's Antenna for measuring the compatibility of your lucky gems, stones and jewelry. It can tell you whether a lucky gem suits you or not, by tuning into your body energy fields by resonance.

Certain gems will do you more harm than good. As per your numerology, diamond may be lucky for you. But how can you tell if a particular diamond suits you or not? You can check this and confirm it with this antenna.

Lecher Antenna Is A
Scientific Wonder

The Lecher Antenna is a scientific wonder. It helps an allopathic doctor when he is confused on which brand of an antibiotic suits his patient. The antenna tunes into his energy fields and points out the correct brand.

It identifies imbalances in your heredity and genetics. It identifies which organ in your body is disconnected from your brain and repairs that disconnection. It is helpful in curing many of the incurable diseases.

Distance Healing & Other Uses Of Lecher-Antenna!
(+) And (-) Wave Lengths Measured By Lecher-Antenna!

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