What is Diabetes Explained
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Allopathic Medicine

What is diabetes is answered by allopathic medicine, as a chronic medical condition, caused by pancreatic, or hypothalamus disorders, affecting your glucose metabolism, by disorders of insulin, or Anti Diuretic Hormone, ADH.

Allopathic Medicine stops there.

No Clear Answers

If you ask why there are pancreatic and insulin disorders, it has no answer. It is not equipped like bioenergetics, to probe deeper, and to find out more root cause disorders for your diabetes.

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What is diabetes is explained by Bioenergetics, as a medical condition caused by energy field disorders, causing organic, metabolic and endocrine problems, affecting the way your body uses glucose for energy.

You can explore these energy disorders by scanning your energy fields. These can affect your pancreas, hypothalamus, insulin, or anti diuretic hormone. And that makes you a diabetic, as per the above definition.

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Body Energy Fields
What Is Diabetes?

Bioenergetics explains diabetes also from the loss of symmetry in your body energy fields. This leads to interruptions of energy flows in your magnetic, and electric fields, affecting your various organs, and functions.

Loss of symmetry further leads to toxin blockages in the energy flow, and meridian blockages. It cuts off energy to pancreas, which soon fails. Its islet cells may be destroyed, totally, or partially stopping insulin secretion.

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Energy Field Disorders

As a corollary, diabetes can be described by a new definition, that it is a medical condition in which your energy field and meridian disorders, affect secretion of hormones like insulin and ADH, affecting glucose metabolism.

Energy deficits can affect brain and its control on pancreas. Loss of symmetry affects energy circulation, and it affects the islet cells, which produce no insulin, or produce it insufficiently, or with quality defects.

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Field Shifts

What is Diabetes can be explained with reference to the stability and symmetry of your energy fields. An aggression can cause instability, and can displace your electric, magnetic, or electro magnetic energy fields.

A displacement or shift in the magnetic field cuts off energy resources to your brain, and vital organs like your Heart. A shift in the electric field affects energy distribution to your sixty trillion body cells, and your brain.

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These explanations on what is diabetes have revealed new possibilities in diabetes treatments. Take advantage of the researches in bioenergetics, and combine it with your allopathic treatment, in dealing with diabetes.

That way, use allopathic medicine to correct your insulin disorders. Use Bioenergetics to rectify your energy field, and energy meridian disorders. This innovation gives you better results in diabetes, and other diseases.

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