Symptoms of Diabetes Kidney Knowledge Helps You

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Risks In Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you may also have diabetes kidney, cholesterol, hyper tension, and neuropathy.

Just because you have no symptoms you can not bet definitely that you do not have these diseases already.

Diabetic kidney disease can deceive you by showing no visible symptoms. You must learn these warning signs.

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Urinalysis Helps

But, if you want to prevent total kidney failure, transplantation and avoid dialysis, you have to know these warning signs well in advance.

If during your regular check ups, your urine shows small amounts of protein, know that you are developing diabetes kidney disease. In diabetes type 1 you may expect this from the first five to ten years.

If you have diabetes type 2, you may already have this problem, when your doctor finds out your disease. When it is too late, your kidneys start leaking more protein in your urine, which is more difficult to handle.

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Overloaded Kidneys

In kidney disease, your kidneys do not remove unwanted substances like urea, creatinine, and minerals. Your nephrons do not remove unwanted salts, excess of any thing like hormones, and vitamins from your blood.

Diabetes overloads your kidneys. It is difficult for these organs to handle the extra blood flow due to high blood sugar. It is hard for your kidneys even to maintain the correct water balance in your body.

Poisoned Blood

In kidney disease, you develop accumulation of impurities in your blood to dangerous levels. It its most ugly state, you may have uremic poisoning, which means urine in your blood. You can find this earlier by E Diagnosis!

You may also develop hyper tension, high cholesterols, and tri-glicerides. Your blood sugar levels may even drop as your kidneys are not able to remove excess of diabetes drugs or insulin from your body.

Noticeable Symptoms In
Diabetes Kidney

As a result your body generally exhibits the following symptoms.

1. Loss of appetite
2. Difficulty in mental focus and concentration
3. Disturbed sleep patterns
4. General all round tired feeling
5. Body Weakness
6. More Frequent Urination
7. Weight Loss
8. Nausea and Vomiting
9. Edema, with swollen face, neck, feet and hands

Knowledge Helps

Therefore, it is important for you not to ignore these warning signs of kidney disease. You should have periodic health check ups with your doctor and you should report these conditions to him then and there.

You get knowledge on what is behind these symptoms by E Diagnosis. It helps you to recognize earlier, diabetic nephropathy. It enables you prevent kidney failure, avoid transplantation or dialysis by E Treatment.

Kidney Disease
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