Diagnosis for Diabetes Kidney Old And New Methods

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Diabetic Nephropathy

When you suffer from diabetes, you acquire a condition called diabetes kidney. It damages your nephrons.

These are tiny blood capillaries in your kidneys. Your blood is pumped constantly through these nephrons.

These capillaries have fine tubules with finer holes in them. These are tiny filters which purify your blood.

Damage To Filters

Your diabetes damages these tubules and filters. They filter out the tiny protein break down products in blood. When you have this disease, your kidneys have to purify more blood. This excess load damages these filters.


In the early stages of diabetes kidney, urinalysis reveals small amounts of protein in your urine. This condition is known as microalbuminuria. It means diabetes has started damaging your kidney filters.

When your kidney disease is more advanced, your urine shows protein in excessive amounts. It is known as macroalbuminuria. Only a tight control of blood sugar can save you and your doctor tries to achieve just that.

Control Measures

Rigid sugar control in diabetes kidney can enable reversal of microalbuminuria. Timely diagnosis and. treatment also cuts down chances of developing macroalbuminuria in fifty percent of the cases.

Kidney disease makes your blood impure with urea and creatinine. It also disturbs your water balance and mineral balance in your blood. You may also get uremic poisoning when you have kidney disease.

Uremic Poisoning In
Diabetes Kidney

It means urine is getting mixed with your blood which can cause life threatening situations. That is why your doctor checks up your blood for protein break down products like urea and creatinine.

Kidney Failure

These tests only reveal about your nephron damage. They do not reveal the exact causes for disorders in blood, excess metabolic waste and diabetes, which resulted in such damage, leading to total kidney failure.

Advantage of New Diagnosis

The new energy diagnosis in bioenergetics, known as e diagnosis reveals more useful data for different treatment options for kidney disease, by its energy treatment. It probes your energy body and body energy fields.

More data for the root causes for your kidney disease are revealed in this new method which diagnoses your energy channels, energy meridians, chakras, fragile command points, brain and endocrine glands.

Reveals More Data

Further causes can range from your weaknesses in heredity, genetics, endocrine commands, mental blockages, and psychological child hood issues. It also diagnoses damages due to environmental aggressions.

Treatment From Different Angles
Ensures Better Relief

Side by side with allopathic treatments, if you take e diagnosis and energy treatment as per bioenergetics, you stand better chances for early recovery in diabetes kidney situations. You are certain to get better relief.

Some times, the treatment works so well that your nephron damages are reversed, the cells regenerate, blood sugar is better controlled, and you get amazing recovery and reversal of your Kidney disease.

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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