Insulin To Bioenergetics
History Of Diabetes

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Insulin Arrives

History of diabetes witnessed the discovery of insulin by Banting in the year 1920.

It was hailed as One of the greatest achievements of modern medicine.

The first human to receive insulin was Leonard Thompson in January 1922. He lived for 13 years more.

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Success Of Insulin

The word Insulin became official on May 3rd 1922. Insulin regulated diabetes. Its mass production began soon after that.

The year 1922 was eventful for the history of diabetes. The daughter of US Secretary of State, Elizabeth Evans Hughes, at the age of 13, was treated by Banting with insulin. She lived till she was 73, and died in 1981.

In 1936, Sir Harold Himsworth of London proposed the idea that Diabetes fell into into Type 1 and Type 2, based on insulin insensitivity. The insulin syringe was introduced in 1944, enabling uniform diabetes management.

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Synthetic Insulin

It was in 1959, that Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes were put forward as Insulin dependent, and non insulin dependent. Later in 1966, the world's first pancreas transplant was effected at the University of Manitoba.

The first bio-synthetic insulin was produced in 1982. It was achieved by the pharmaceutical firm Ei Lilly, using recombinant DNA Technology. It was called Humulin and it could be mass produced.

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Flame Of Hope

In the year 1989, History of Diabetes witnessed commemoration of inventor Banting. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth lit a flame of hope In the Bantam House, Ontario, that will continue till a cure for diabetes is found.

The effect of intensive therapy for diabetes over ten years was taken for research, and a report was published in 1993. The report proved that intensive therapies reduced chances of long-term diabetes complications.

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History of Diabetes
Banting Honored

It was in the year 1998, it was established that control of blood glucose and blood pressure delayed and prevented diabetes type 2. The United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study revealed this important finding.

Banting died in a plane crash in 1941. He was honored in 1999, when they declared Bantam House as a historic site. The first successful transplant of islet cells was done in the same year, using the Edmonton Protocol.

Most Common Questions

Global Threat - UN

In the year 2003, the Canadian Diabetes Association posted its guidelines for clinical practice, in its web site. It was the first time that these searchable and downloadable medical guidelines, ever appeared online.

In 2006 the United Nations recognized Diabetes as a Global Threat. The history of diabetes witnessed the UN designating November 14, Banting's birth day, as the World Diabetes Day, in memory of inventor Banting.

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Subsequent researches proved that the diabetes complications continued on the rise, and incidence of diabetes took alarming proportions all over the world. It called for more advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.

It happened because allopathy had ignored diagnosis of your energy body, energy fields, and energy meridians. It was there you had all these energy disorders, which triggered brain and endocrine faults, which led to diabetes and prevented cures.


The latest researches in Bioenergetics fulfilled this need with its energy diagnosis and energy treatment. When applied with allopathic treatments, it greatly reduced the incidence of diabetes, and its complications.

Story of Diabetes From 2500 Years Ago Till Insulin

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