Type 2 Diabetes Diet Allows Sweets And Alcohol

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Healthy Eating

This article helps you with highly useful tips on type 2 diabetes diet and principles of healthy nutrition.

It also eliminates your myths about the ideal diabetes diet. It must be a well balanced diet to suit your body.

A healthy diet that reduces your fat and cholesterols is very important when you do have Type 2 Diabetes.

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Reduce Cholesterols

Your Grand Ma’s advice on right eating is good enough for making a type 2 diabetes diet. Eat whole grain foods, fruits, and vegetables. Reduce eating saturated and trans fats. Avoid partially hydrogenated fats as well.

Such fats increase your risk of heart disease. These increase the bad LDL cholesterol and reduce the good HDL types. You also have increased lipids, which increases your blood pressure, and also your risk for heart disease.

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Good Bye Snacks

It is a myth if you feel the need to include frequent snacks in your type 2 diabetes diet. You often overeat, and become overweight. You develop insulin resistance, high blood sugar, and a high risk for heart disease.

Such a belief existed before, since some old diabetic medications could cause hypoglycemia, or diabetic shocks. Now that safer medicines are available with out these side effects, you can discard the snacks habit.

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Welcome Sweets

Another myth about type 2 diabetes diet, says that you should not eat sweets. It is a wrong notion which you can safely discard now. Diabetes research now says that sweets are allowed, and you can enjoy them.

Science has revealed that eating sweets is not harmful for diabetics. But you must avoid having too many, as these can make you obese. Sweets also contain saturated fats, which can harm your, or any one's health.

Alcohol Allowed

The Good news for drink lovers is that alcohol is no longer taboo for your type 2 diabetes diet. Men can have two drinks, and women one. Whether you have diabetes or not, more than this is bad for every one.

Some medicines can induce hypoglycemia and it is not good to combine alcohol with those medicines. You can request your doctor to give other medicines which do not cause hypoglycemia and solve this issue.

Treatment Options

A perfect diet is not enough, unless you digest it well. In spite of the best diets, if you do not assimilate and excrete properly, you get disease. You must find out which other hidden disorders make you suffer like this.

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