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Lecher Antenna Here!

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi


Original Acmos Lecher Antenna is the perfect instrument for your accurate energy measurements.

Do you know that it is the most wonderful instrument that can diagnose and cure your diseases?

We use This Lecher Antenna for your Energy Diagnosis And Energy Treatment of Any of your Disease.

Click these links to know its use in Healing, Vastu, or Measurements.

Lecher-Antenna Training

Online Sales

We use Lecher Antenna daily and we're fully familiar with its use. We are authorized distributors. Many duplicates are available in the market at cheaper rates. We caution you not to fall for such items.

Uses & Applications

With this you can measure the quality of any product that you use. For example you can measure the quality of the following products. You can find if these items are good for you or not.

  • Food Items
  • Medicines
  • Soaps
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Dress
  • Jewelry

Diagnosis & Healing
By Lecher Antenna

The Antenna is mainly used for diagnosis and healing of any disease. With this you can measure the following energies. You can also determine if any energy form any source is favorable or harmful for you.

  • Energy Diagnosis
  • Energy Healing
  • Measurements of
  • Cosmic Energy
  • Earth Energy
  • Cosmo Telluric Energy

The Price

1200 USD or INR value at the present date . Shipping & Money Transfer Charges extra.

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If you are living in India pay cash in any branch of HDFC Bank my full fees. Contact kannanm@lucky-name-numerology.com for Bank details

Pay From Other

If you are from countries other than India you can pay 1200 USD through any of the following payment gateways.

Western Union  Xpress Money  Ezremit  Instant Cash  Transfast

Pay from anywhere by these gateways. FOR Payment Details contact us at kannanm@lucky-name-numerology.com. They will give you a control number for the transaction.

Kindly send me that number, sender's complete full name, Country, place & date of sending, sender's mobile number, and the exact amount sent. I need these details to collect your payment.

Pay By Bank

If you want to pay through your Bank by TT and SWIFT methods, they will need my Bank Account Details. For Bank Account Details - Contact- kannanm@lucky-name-numerology.com

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