Lecher Antenna Training –Get Trained By The Expert!

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

The Training

We offer lecher antenna training. Do you want to learn this most wonderful scientific instrument?

If you want this training apply by sending a request through this web site contact page.

If you want to know about this instrument you get sufficient information from these pages.

Who Trains You?

You will be trained by M. Sathiamurthi, the No. 1 Bioenergetician in India. He has the unique experience of getting trained for long periods of time personally from the best experts in the world.

He had remained in France and England for long periods to learn the secrets of bioenergetics treatments. For the past eight years he has been applying this knowledge on a daily basis to heal patients.

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Lecher Antenna Training
The Costs Involved

We shall inform you the cost of training depending on your requirements. You may want to know only about measuring the energy wavelengths. You may want to use it for practicing Vastu for buildings and homes.

Or perhaps you want to learn this instrument for doing energy treatment. You may also want to learn this to judge the quality of the consumer items sold in the market if these are human friendly to the consumers..

Products You Can

For example you can measure the human friendliness of any product with this instrument. You can measure gemstones and jewelery. You can measure cosmetic products and beauty aids sold over the counter.

You can also measure and judge the quality of soaps, shampoos, shaving creams, nail polish, facial creams, and beauty items. You can also measure the acceptability of daily supplements used for health.

Use It To Check

You can also measure with the Lecher Antenna the acceptability of medicines. You can judge if a medicine is agreeable to you or if it is repulsive to your health. It helps to reject the wrong medicines.

Lecher Antenna Training
The Dates Available

The Lecher-Antenna Training sessions will be on one to one basis or for groups. Kindly apply through the contact-us page. We shall then email to you about acceptance of your request.


If you want lecher-antenna training, come to Salem in India and be prepared to stay for 2 or 3 days. If you know Salem, you can arrange your own accommodation. Otherwise, we shall help you with it.

The Difference

There are many who offer to train you with this instrument on the net. But those trainers themselves have scanty knowledge of the subject. Their object is to earn money whether you learn it properly or not.

We are fully equipped to train you since we use this antenna on a daily basis. We use it to give distance treatment from Salem in India to different countries all over the world. We also use it or other purposes.

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