Last 13 of 41 Cures
In E Treatment!

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Last 13 Of 41 Cures!

E Treatment is superior to allopathic treatment as it effects 41 Different Cures not available in their methods.

When used with allopathy, It helps to cure tragic conditions like Heart Disease, Arthritis, and Diabetes.

It is a master treatment which treats and cures all disorders in your body, mind, and energy systems.

diabetes     heart disease     arthritis

29. Remedy erstwhile damages
E Treatment

Identify and rectify damages in the body due to the erstwhile leakage of energy.

30. Disorders due to Relationships

Identify and correct disorders suffered in loss of trust, love, and friendships

impotence     neck pain

31. Disorders due to Social Upsets

Identify and correct disorders due to losing name, fame, elections, and opportunities.

32. Heavy Metal Poisoning

Identify and correct disorders due to heavy metal poisoning suffered by the body..

33. Radio Activity Damages

Identify and correct disorders due to Radio Active Damages suffered by the body.

34. Cellular Damages

Identify and correct disorders due to cell phones, cell phone towers and radiations.

35. Cathode Ray Damages

Identify and correct disorders due to cathode rays from the computers and televisions.

36. High Tension Damage

Identify and Correct disorders due to leaking electricity from any source.

37. Microwave Damages

Identify and correct disorders due to microwaves, exposure, and micro waved foods.

38. Medicinal Damage

Identify and correct harmful side effects suffered due to incompatible medicines.

39. Incompatible Nutrition

Identify and correct disorders suffered due to incompatible food.

40. Imagined Aggressions

Your Intelligence contains information about your childhood. It also has info about your past lives. This information is stored in your brain in the form of electromagnetic data.

In your present life whenever you witness an event which has a similar frequency to the info stored in your brain, it relives the past events which might have been disasters like floods, earth quakes, or volcano eruptions.

Your Brain Reacts

And your brain immediately take protective steps by stopping or bypassing energies within your body. It sort of paralyzes you and leaves you in a state of imagined aggressions. You may even swoon and fall down.

E Treatment Identifies and corrects these imagined aggressions due to memories of distant past by erasing the negative memories in your brain.

41. Space Disorders

Identify and correct space disorders by design and placement of a protection symbol.

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