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by: M. Sathiamurthi

I have always been telling that this treatment is not only for diabetes, but for all diseases and conditions in the human body.

It is the most fundamental treatment to help cure the root cause disorders, which conventional diagnosis can never find by their methods of analysis.

This Treatment can be given to patients in remote places anywhere in the world.

Like an E mail which goes to any remote place & reaches a computer, my treatment travels through space and reaches the patients anywhere in the world.

And helps to cure them!

That is why I call it E Treatment. It is explained here below with a fire and cell phone examples.

When your body faces attacks from virus, bacteria, or electro magnetic radiation, it loses some defense like you discard clothes when escaping from fire.

This causes many diseases not curable by other medical systems. As this lost defense pertains to electro magnetic frequencies, conventional diagnosis can not recognize it, find it, or cure it.

E Treatment restores this defense to you like you receive an sms message to your cell phone.

I administer this treatment through electro magnetic waves through space to reach you where ever you are and it reaches your body like my sms reaches your cell phone.

This is why I call it E Treatment. Or Electronically Transmitted Treatment!

This is the most revolutionary discovery of mankind. Other Giants are not willing to acknowledge its supremacy, that is why they do not recognize our treatment.

But Truth alone Triumphs! (Satyam Eva Jayate!) In times to come, this will be recognized as the best discovery in medical history.

I pity these professional veterans and their families who themselves are badly in need of this treatment! But they can not get it due to the selfish stand of the existing Pharmaceutical Industry Giants.

Diabetes Cures -E Treatment
by: Paul Mascarenas -London

The comments from Dr. M. Sathiamurthi are highly appreciated. He has explained the treatment with easy to follow examples so that a lay man too can easily understand it.

Diabetes Cures -Hormone Disorders
by: Roderigues

It was sensational to go through this personal report from Sheela Williams. When allopathy is struggling to rectify hormone problems, it is a great God Send to have E Treatment from Doctor Sathiamurthi. Can some one explain why it is called E Treatment?

Answer by M Sathiamurthi

It is called e treatment because it works like email and radio waves.

Kindly click this link to know why it is called e-treatment. E Treatment.

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