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I am Sandra Razo and this is my idea and tips for diabetes cures. Please correct me if I am wrong for what I am going to state as tips for diabetes diet. Diabetes starts from all the preservatives placed in all the food to keep it from rotting.

Well this is a problem I think because the body cannot fight the preservatives because it’s to stay with out putrefaction. Frozen fruits are the best because all the nutrients are kept within and fertilizing is destroyed.

Stay away from fructose sugars like soda and caffeine. Any food that contains starch is another factor like crackers, spaghetti, potato, white bread, or any kind of bread because it contains flour and flour is bad for the immune system.

Another factor to consider is that if you had surgery with some anesthesia this causes your sugar to become very high. Be sure to drink lots of water to flush all that sugar from your system.

Let me know if I am correct or not. I want other ways of eating good food and menus if you do have some suggestions.

I am a type two diabetes patient and my sugar has been 140 each time I eat two slices of bread egg and water. Is this unhealthy?

I sometimes eat a small bowl of low fat milk and sliced banana. This also keeps my sugar low. I eat white grilled meat with a slice of rye bread and water. I do drink lots of tea and I am cutting down fats.

I am bored of the way I eat. I need help. I request fellow visitors and readers of this page on diabetes cures to give their best advice based on their experience. You can comment on this page or create a new page yourself from here to advise me. Sandra Razo.

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