Treat Your  Pituitary To
Cure Your Diabetes

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Location & Hormones

Your Pituitary gland is inside your head, connected to and controlled by hypothalamus.

It is small in size and weighs half a gram of which 85% is water.

It acts like a chemical plant and makes for you ten or more most essential hormones.

Role of Hormones

It stores two hormones from hypothalamus. All these hormones are complex chemicals that accomplish remarkable actions in your body. They ensure your perfect health.

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Daily Production

This gland produces about 1/1000000th gram of hormones per day. It is its total daily production. These are hormones with inconceivable powers. An excess or deficit of these hormones cause great havoc in your body.

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Incredible Powers

A deficit in its hormones can make you a dwarf, while an excess can make you grow into a giant. Another of its hormones can make you impotent or turn you into a raging bull, making you always crave for sex.

Its hormones also decide your looks, fertility and sex. A hormone in excess or deficit makes you become an old man within a few months. Another one can shrink your genitals back to their infant size.

Controls Water

This gland controls water by secreting the anti diuretic hormone, ADH. It controls actions of your thyroid and para thyroid by secreting thyrotropic hormone. It also controls adrenals by secretion of ACTH.

Too much of ACTH or other hormones, even by infinitesimal quantities can kill us or create any number of diseases including diabetes. Excess of any of its other hormones like your growth hormone wreaks terrible havoc.

Controls Life!

This gland controls life itself. Its FSH or follicle stimulating hormone and ICSH or interstitial cell stimulating hormone enables ovulation in a woman. Then only she can produce the female egg & maintain a healthy sex drive.

Its growth hormone regulates growth in the formative years. Later it is useful, to join broken bone ends and repair torn or damaged cell tissues. Any abnormality in its production results in bizarre developments.

Cancer Connection

A defect in this gland can cause great dangers to your body due to any shortage or excess of its growth hormone. These are the likely situations triggered by energy field defects or loss of energy field symmetry.

For example its excess can make your nose or fingers grow endlessly. It can make you several meters tall. If you remove this gland, you can can stop and cure cancer in animals. It proves its connection with cancer.

Answer To Fat Loss
More On Pituitary

Another of its hormones called lipotropin which is found only in animals has interesting possibilities. It moves their abdominal fat into liver and convert it into energy. It can be your answer to solve obesity in future.

Cause Of Diabetes

Pituitary orders, and controls all your other endocrine organs. In other words, it controls your health, immunity and disease resistance. A loss of this control results in many chronic diseases including your diabetes.

It controls your thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals and testicles. Any of its disorders can affect pancreas and cause your diabetes. It sickens these other glands to cause a bizarre spectrum of chronic diseases.

Other Causes

Energy-related-pituitary disorders can cause any number of diseases. These energy disorders can cause diabetes or even more chronic diseases, if left undetected and with out correction by Energy Treatment.

Organic disorders like tumors can be found out by CT or MRI scans and treated. But there is no way in other systems of medicine to diagnose energetic disorders of this gland. This is achieved only in the E Treatment.

Pancreatic Connection

We check in our E Diagnosis whether pituitary is energetically balanced. If it is not, we take suitable action by e treatment procedures to restore energy in this gland. This makes it control your pancreas better.

This has the possibilities of correcting the pancreatic and insulin disorders by restoring its full energy to this gland. It is possible only in E Diagnosis during E Treatment. It shows the way to cure your Diabetes.

More About Pituitary

Learn More About Diabetes Cure By Treating Pituitary

Take Scientific Help

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