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For Natural Cure For Diabetes

by ramesh
(bangalore India )

I look forward to benefit from your treatment for Natural cure for Diabetes. I am 51 years old. Besides Diabetes, I am suffering from carbuncle on my behind neck since last so many months.

There are 3 openings from which a yellow fluid comes out. Pain is normal. I am taking homeopathy treatment at present. Please give permanent solution. Please note I have started walking one hour since last 15 days. previously I used to do yoga at home.

Reply By M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 bioenergetician

You are right in consulting me for your illness. The new treatment for diabetes effects its cures by clearing the root causes for all your illnesses, pains, and diseases. Therefore, you stand a good chance to correct your malady of carbuncle along with diabetes.

Kindly remember that during and after my treatment, you must continue to take your allopathic or homeopathic medicines till your family doctor says that you can discontinue them.

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