New Treatment
For Diabetes

by Yousuf Sharief
(Jeddah - Saudi Arabia.)

I am suffering diabetes since more than ten years, but so far I didn't use any medicine just diet control only. However I didn't feel any problem till to date, except eye problems.

The ophthalmologist says it just pre-glucoma disease, my father has same problem, using medicine for eye pressure. I am very careless on journal check.

Whenever ( once in six months) I had checked blood test and my sugar level is around 230. Please advice if I have to use medicine or go through any other treatments. Anticipating your advice asap.

Reply By M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 Bio Energetician

You should not neglect your diabetes like this. You must take the available allopathic treatments and also my treatment. It is better to fight an enemy from many sides.

Like this allopathic care tries to control the disease with medicines and my treatment helps to cure the root causes disorders to accelerate your cure with out medicines.

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