Mr. Raziuddin Farooqui

by Raziuddin Farooqui



I am suffering from polysistic kidney.

1. High Blood Pressure started in 1997.
2. Since last 8 years suffering with sugar problem.

Now my creatinine is 3.7
and my Random sugar is 124.

In this what I have to do to protect my self and Cure this disease, Day by Day my health is decaying. And getting weakness and laziness.

My whole body has pain and getting tired soon. My Job needs 8 hours continues sitting.

When we are starting new site or location that time we used to worked 18 hrs a day that may continues for few days.

Now Situation becoming worst and company requirements are increasing they are expecting more job from me.

My age is 48 yrs, my all hairs are becomes grey, looking more then 50 yrs. I need your help to out come please. Thanks. Raziuddin Farooqui.

Reply By M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 bioenergetician

Do not worry. If you believe in truth, you can believe my treatment. If you believe in God, you can believe in this treatment. Many people have been benefitted by this treatment. I request you to come down to Salem.

I do not believe in doing remote treatments unless my client is very highly qualified in scientific disciplines. Because, unless you are familiar with modern science, you can understand the underlying truths in remote treatments and cure.

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