How To Prepare For Remote
Treatments Done
Aiming For Diabetes Cures

by M. Sathiamurthi
(India's No. 1 Bioenergetician)

M. Sathiamurthi, India's No.1 Bioenergetician

M. Sathiamurthi, India's No.1 Bioenergetician

E mail to the Client: Dear Gladys, I shall commence your treatment aiming for Diabetes Cures by 8 am tomorrow. In India, it is Saturday 5/12/2009 IST 8am. If possible kindly give a call by that time (calculate your time in Ghana) and confirm that you are ready for the treatment.

What are the medicines you take? Keep one dose of all medicines in a sachet and keep it handy. If you are dominant in pathology, I shall ask you to hold it during your treatment. Then my treatment will remove the side effects of your medicines and protect you.

I shall do compatibility analysis of those medicines, during my treatment and alter the dosage of some medicines. I shall alter the timings also and advise you the revised timings.

If a medicine is not good for you, I shall ask you to stop it altogether. Some times, I may ask you to change the brand.

When improvements show up, your allopathic doctor will assess you and reduce the dosage still further. Slowly you will get away from the clutches of medicines.

Many patients who had my treatment have completely stopped their medicines. The continue to keep good health.

If it is your sleeping time, stay awake from 7-30 am to 8-30 am IST. Then you can go to sleep. I shall perform the treatment when you are asleep and shall send you email notes on what I have done.

Make the medicine sachet right now and keep it handy. Do not delay till the last moment. Avoid smoking or drinking before the treatment. Eat moderate food. Do not skip your dose of medicines.

Call me at 8 am IST on 5/12/09 Indian time. I shall ask you if you are ready for the treatment. Say yes. You can sit as usual. I shall check your body by remote and if needed, I shall call you and ask you to keep the medicine sachet in left hand.

That is if you are right handed. I shall also tell you not to hold it, if not needed. When I begin the treatment, you pray to God thrice.

O Almighty! I surrender my every thing to You. Please take care of me and protect me. Please make This Treatment a Big Success.

Tell your subconscious mind thrice. O subconscious mind, listen to me. Dr. Sathiamurthi is doing this treatment by transmitting healing vibrations. Let my intelligence and energy body receive it in the best way. Please make it a Big Success!

When you have done this, you are ready to receive the treatment. Telephone me then and there and say that you are ready. I shall immediately begin my treatment.

Kindly reply to me now itself, if you are right handed or left handed. Also mail the list of medicines, injections, insulin, dosages, and how many times you take. Kindly email all these details.

Inform friends and relatives that you are going to receive this remote treatment from India by Dr. Sathiamurthi. This helps your subconscious mind to make your body receive it in its best ways.

I want to make this Treatment an Unprecedented Success. You can make it happen with your cooperation and proper mental attitude. Best wishes & May God Bless You! Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

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