Energy Treatment Helps To        Cure Chronic  Diseases

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Broken Links

Your body has its own self healing powers. Energy Treatment restores to you these powers of self healing.

Your body knows to repair itself, if it knows what is wrong, but it relies on the energy body for this knowledge.

Your energy body can not give this information if there are broken links in its lines of signal communications.

The Energy Body

Your energy body is the most powerful scanner yet known to science. It radiates through each cell in your body, scans, and gets data on the sources of illness that cause your disease. It uses this info for healing.

Your energy body is in constant communication with all the 60 trillion cells in your body. It collects these data, stores this information, and informs these details to your Intelligence for its action.

Intelligence Identifies Sources
For Healing

Your Intelligence waits for the first available opportunity to remedy the weaknesses found in your energy body and matter body. In Energy Treatment, we show our valise to your Intelligence.

When exposed to the herbal products in our valise, your Intelligence immediately identifies all the healing frequencies from these herbs which will cure your disease.

We Administer The Requests
Of Your Intelligence

And when we hold an energetic dialogue with your intelligence, it requests us to administer those healing frequencies on to your body at selected locations. We do just that and it heals you.

Blockages Prevent Healing

This ability of self healing is prevented when the energy body has many blockages in its communication lines. It is also prevented when your body shuts down certain lines of energy flows to protect you from danger.

The energy center is in your chest. New energy from all your 60 trillion cells flows to the center to add to your energy capital. If you have this inflow energy blocked, you get cysts, polyps, and many kinds of cancer.

Connections Fail

In both cases, if your energy body can not remove these blockages or bye pass them, there is a breakdown of communications. The connections fail in the energy body and in its interactions with your physical body.

In Energy Treatment
We Trace Blockages

We identify the blockages in your communication lines, which prevents the energy body to connect with the matter body. The energy body is not able to remove these blockages by itself, when its hands are tied down.

Strategy For Cure

Energy Treatment cures, by communicating with your Energy Body. It knows what is wrong and how to repair. We extract the methods of cure from its knowledge base, by scanning with the Lecher Antenna.

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