Diabetic Foot Pain

by vinod mallik

This is not about diabetic foot pain but pain all over my body. For the last few years, it is about 4 years I am suffering from so many pains in every joint of my body. About 4 years back it was started from back ache/pain.

I consulted my doctor and took some medicines for few months but there was no reduction. Gradually the pain was increased to lower side up to both leg and toe of both the feet (only back portion of Foot, and not front).

I consulted so many doctors Orthopedics, physicians, Doctors of medicines, no one said me it is nerve pain, but unfortunately somebody said me it a nerve-pain gradually affecting your different parts of body including all the joints, spines, both the shoulders and and now up to the Neck.

I took the Physiotherapy also but no relief. Now I started some Homeopathy medicines for the last 10 days, which gave me some reduction in my pain, but now I can't say anything with most confidence.

Only after a month I can say something about the relief by Homeopathy medicine. But it is sure that it is a nerve-pain, it may also be some bone related diseases also, which I have doubt.

Now please suggest me your opinion to get relief as soon as possible in a very cheap and best most successful treatment for this problem.

For your kind information, I am not Diabetic patient. which I confirmed many times by Blood Test. My name is :Vinod, I am from New Delhi (India). Please reply me by email.

Reply By M. Sathiamurthi
India's No. 1 Bio Energetician

This treatment has extraordinary capacities to cure many things but as a sensible doctor I should not entice you with the word cure.

If you think well it is only God who is capable of cures and a doctor is an instrument in his hands with various methods.

I assure you that my method is the best and most scientific to get reliable results for all your pains, though it is not diabetic foot pain.

But we emphasize that mere allopathic treatment is not enough. In some lucky cases, your pain and all other diseases in your body will be cured with astonishing results.

You have to take our treatment to experience this. It is also a preventive measure to avoid the development of other chronic diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, and impotence.

This treatment also removes all the side effects due to medications. It cures by 100 per cent all your inner energy disorders. It also cures the hundred other problems created in your energy circulation and physical body.

You know well that your disease is a chronic one. But this treatment changes that scenario and gives you relief from all your pains and also a long span of life.

You have to take this treatment if you want to live long and feel young with better health.

Almost all other diseases in your physical body will be completely cured. I assure you that this is the best treatment discovered in science so far.

It diagnoses and cures all the energy disorders inside your body completely. This diagnosis and cure of internal energy disorders is impossible by other medical systems.

This itself is a major advantage for you to take this treatment. Therefore, even though you do not have diabetic foot pain, I invite you to confidently have this treatment and get its invaluable benefits.

It definitely removes all your pains and increases your life span to live with better health.

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