Diabetes  Is The Most
Feared Disease

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Most Feared Disease

Diabetes is the most feared disease after heart disease and cancer. It attacks both the rich and the poor.

We do not know when it will be our turn. We should therefore take all the essential steps to prevent it.

What are your plans to avoid this killer disease? Modern living does not even permit you to stop and think.

Perfect Your Health

Unless you take periodic check ups and perfect your health, you may also acquire this disease. If only you take the time out to think about your health, and take steps to perfect it, you can also easily avoid this disease.

You must remember that all improvements in your health by diabetes medicines are temporary. It is only when you are fitness conscious and make full use of your periodic check ups, you will improve your health.

Checks ups Not Enough
When You've Diabetes

You can not prevent this disease by periodic check ups alone. Your doctor tells you to walk 4 kilometers per day. You find it difficult to follow. He asks you to cut off fats and sweets. You find this too difficult to follow.

If your body is healthy, it digests only the essential food and expels the excess as waste. When it loses this ability, you lose your health. At this time, just cutting fats and sweets, can not protect your health.

Root Cause For Disease

Diabetes becomes more vehement when your body loses its basic abilities to eat, digest, sleep, and rejuvenate. It happens when it loses its body defense due to in adequate supply of energy to its organs and functions.

Modern Science Bioenergetics has come out as the eye opener to discover these facts. It studies all the energy flows in your channels and meridians, finds out where these flows are blocked, and removes those blockages.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Once these root cause disorders are rectified, it becomes easy to restore your body defense. Then you are in better health to fight disease, as your body does not have other disorders that restrain you from fighting.

Bioenergetics does energy diagnosis and finds these disorders. It corrects them by techniques of quantum physics with out medicines or injections. All these disorders are removed by expert energy transmission techniques.

Unexpected Surprises!

The idea is that if you find out the root causes for any disease, you get your answers. When you know that your body lost certain abilities, you look for methods to put them back, This is the concept of bioenergetics.

Once it was a taboo in India to eat rice dishes if you had diabetes. Advent of insulin changed the scenario. Times have changed so much so that you even hear of dark chocolates for control of the disease!

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Take Scientific Help

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