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by Ravi

Whilst on this page for diabetes cures, I had this strong urge to share my condition with your readers. I am diagnosed as diabetic since last 6 yrs. I have been taking Glynaze XL 5 for 4 yrs. one in the morning and half in the night.

Afternoon and night, i also take SSK brand of siddha powder which claims to have 48 herbs in it. Although the sugar level may be below 150 after food, but my eye sight is affected very badly.

My triglycerides is more than the normal limits. Cholesterol is also high. Please advice if I could come out of all these problems along with the medicine, if I undergo your treatment.

Reply by M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 Bioenergetician

Yes. You will get wonderful relief after taking my E Treatment or Energy Treatment. It augments allopathic medicines and treatments. There is no conflict. You can continue to take those medicines.

By our Treatment, You will remove all root cause disorders affecting you which could not be diagnosed by other medical systems.

I assure you that you will experience wonderful results within 90 days. People with chronic disease conditions will have to under go three or four follow ups, but in your case just one may be sufficient.

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