Diabetes Cures For
Type 2 Diabetes

by vivian
(Wales UK)

If there is a malady, sickness or deformity, as a result of young or old age, there is always someone who seeks to make a profit from their misfortune. For all known complaints there is always someone who says they have the answer (at a cost).

These people who claim to have the answers to medical problems are always intended not to help Anyone but themselves financially. Sad to say we the sick are fertile victims of our complaints and those who would exploit our misfortune.

Modern lifestyle and modern eating habits along with advancing years are the main causes of degeneration, but there seems no way to reverse the age we live in, and if it were possible we would live longer and possibly healthier lives.

We cannot live forever, and as the years go by we are some times burdened by our bodies which cannot perform the tasks a healthy mind likes to do, and this places strain upon those closest to us.

We are a product of our age, and as such we have the intelligence to realize that we are always what we eat so eat sensibly beware of all drugs herbal or medical.

Our constitution is the greatest healer. Treat it well and it will do the same for you. Vivian K Jones Type 2 Diabetic Aged 75 Wales UK.

Reply by M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 Bioenergetician

Here is a healthy criticism of a visitor in this page on diabetes cures. I assure him that I have not uttered a single lie in any of my articles. Quacks exist in all fields and we have to always choose the right person.

Thanks Vivian, for your invaluable contribution. I agree with you except for this remark. 'These people who claim to have the answers to medical problems are always intended not to help Anyone but themselves financially'. If you had said some of these or many of these people, what you say would have been an absolute truth.

I beg to differ from your all encompassing statement since there are some genuine professionals like me who are honest in their profession. I do not call myself as a doctor. I do much more than what a doctor can. I do not perform his tasks and he can not do mine.

A doctor is a specialist in his field. I am a specialist in bioenergetics, which is a modern science developed for healing. Ours is one of the most genuine and 100 % scientific treatments in the medical history.

You can not insult the entire community as frauds just because some quacks always continue to exist every where in this world. If you look for scientific logic in any presentation or claim, you can avoid the quacks.

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