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by M. Sathiamurthi
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Diabetes Cures -Inflowing Energy Field Measurements The Inflowing Magnetic Energy fields are measured at 5.7 lambda on the scale of Lecher Antenna by Energy Scanning.

Out flowing Energy Field Measurements: This Electrical Energy field is measured at 7.8. The Life Sustaining Cosmo Telluric or Electro Magnetic Energy Fields are measured at 15.3 Lambda.

Resource Energy in 5 Chakras Resource or Magnetic Energy axis is found shifted from its center in the five chakra centers as follows.

Chakra Field Shifts In Meters: Eye Brow: 5 m to left; Throat: 3 m to right; Chest: 3 m to left; Navel: 3 m to right; Groin: 3 meters to left.

Significance: This Inflow Energy is the source of life. In good health it has a field with its axis centered in your spine. Here it shifts to left in 3 chakras by 5m, 3m, and 3 meters. It shifts to right in 2 chakras by 3m.

What Does It Mean: Inflow energy is blocked. It shuts off resources for the energy needed to nourish the body cells. Your entire body suffers and becomes open to bacterial and virus attacks.

Immunity Fails: Devoid of Inflow, self defense and immunity fail. You get all kinds of diseases. Your heart, liver, lungs, spleen, and kidney are affected by this shortage. It leads to cysts, polyps, tumors, or cancer.

Measurements of Management Energy The Inflow Energy is used by the Energy Capital to nourish the cells in your body. It flows out for cellular regeneration. It has shifted in your chakra centers as follows.

Chakra Field Shifts In Meters: Eye Brow: 5 m to Right; Throat: 2 m to Right; Chest: 5 m to Right; Navel: 2 m to Right; Groin: 5 meters to left.

Significance These shifts indicate that the resources are not sufficient for cellular regeneration. Certain organs, function, and regions are energy starved. These become open to bacterial and viral attacks.

What It Means: Your whole body becomes a victim for many diseases. The most under nourished area is the worst affected. If it affects your brain or pancreas, you get chronic diseases like diabetes.

Measurement of Cosmo Telluric Energy It is the result of the magnetic and electrical energies. It is electro magnetic and is measured at 15.3 lambda. It has shifted from center in 5 chakras as follows.

Chakra Field Shifts In Meters: Eye Brow: 5 m to left; Throat: 5 m to left; Chest: 8 m to left; Navel: 8 m to left; Groin: 6 meters to left.

What It Means: It shows deficit of this Energy which is a must for cellular regeneration. It takes care of the new cells and cellular parts. If it is shifted, you get genetic, hereditary and other diseases.


This is not the end of Energy Diagnosis. More Diagnosis was done and the findings will be published in the next article in a separate submission. Please look forward to its release soon enough.

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