cfs and diabetes insipidus

by jennifer
(toronto, canada)

I am Jennifer from Canada have been reviewing your website for the new treatment for diabetes and natural cures for diabetes. I have had severe chronic fatigue syndrome for the last 13 years, plus diabetes insipidus.

This started when I was traveling in India and Nepal. I acquired amoebic and bascillary dysentry and other parasites.

I still have blastyocystis homonis, bacterial and yeast overgrowth. I have small amount of protein in my urine. I took antibiotics for many years prior to developing the above conditions, which spoiled my immune system.

I have spent my life savings trying to get well and can't afford to take on another treatment unless I am certain it will get me well. Do you have a money back guarantee? Will you agree to take payment after I get well?

No. There is no money back guarantee. As a policy, we take our official disclaimer countersigned by you that you opt for the treatment with out promises of any guarantee. As a policy we receive advance payment and there is no change in this.

I will every penny if this was effective, but I cannot take the risk of paying for something that won't work, since I am unable to work myself. I am single and don't have husband support. I live in Toronto, Canada.

The human body reacts differently for every medication and treatment. In your case, it may work or may not work. You have to try it if you are interested in the treatment.

Any reason why it is is expensive, when the living cost in India is low?

The treatment is done by me in person for about 8 hours. It is a strenuous exercise on my body, mind, and energy potentials to probe your energy body and treat you.

I stand the risk of getting affected by your disease and after your treatment, I must clean myself with an elaborate treatment. There is so much risk involved.

I use expensive inputs for periodic training, updation, and 250 kinds of rare herbal preps for the treatment. Then only I can have the perfect treatment kit for you to effect the vibratory transfers that enable the most effective treatment. Hence the cost.

I am very interested, but I am unable to find enough testimonials in a google search to convince me that I will be healed by this treatment. I look forward to hearing from you.

Though there are thousands of bio energeticians, only a few do this because they are overwhelmed by the difficulties in doing the treatment and personal risk factors.

A good doctor does not seek testimonials. Most of the testimonials published on the net can not bear scrutiny. Hence no one must get brainwashed by such testimonials.

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