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E Treatment, Issue #001 -- teaser here
May 18, 2008
Hello, my friend,

Welcome to the ezine on E Treatment. You may be wondering actually what the heck is e treatment. This is just like mail and e mail. Just like e mail is coming to you through electronic media, this new treatment for diabetes types comes through electro magnetic waves. The medium we use is the nanometric electro magnetic vibratory fields which radiate and surround the human body.

Our body is endowed with a human intelligence with extraordinary abilities and performance characteristics. It is the most powerful receiver and transmitter of energies and vibrations. This acts like the most powerful computer inside our body.

This human intelligence can not be matched by any machine or computer yet invented by man and it can not be matched by any inventions in the foreseeable future as well. It emanates and radiates electromagnetic waves and the resultant electromagnetic fields radiate through out our body mind and our cellular systems.

This intelligence not only radiates through and through our mental and physical bodies, but also radiates through out its surrounding space. At the same time it studies and permanently records data on all the body's physical and psychological problems of the past, present and future.

Just like TV, radio, cellular phone and micro waves, these radiations and the contents of data stored in the human intelligence can act, react and produce effects at long distances. Using principles of quantum physics, we are able to intercept, get a feed back and treat the information so that we can design and administer the most effective treatment to the patient.

In E treatment, we make use of this extraordinary facility of the human intelligence. Using techniques based on quantum physics, we extract specific information from this intelligence on the problems afflicting the mental and physical body. The same intelligence helps us to identify and define the most suitable treatment for the subject.

This is what we achieve, when we expose the intelligence of the body to certain pre assembled harmonic products or medicines which respond accurately and perfectly with most of the human body's harmonic requests. The missing vibration causing the disharmony is identified and that vibration is transferred back to the ailing body through transmission from appropriate medicines.

Thus we identify the root cause of a mental or physical disorder and also identify the most proper treatment suited best to the individual for his unique problems. Therefore, a highly effective and personalised treatment is achieved which is confirmed through our system of measurements and also by the biological analysis prescribed in the other systems of medicine.

Now, I thank you my friend, for sparing your precious time with me and allowing me to share with you some vital info on E Treatment for diabetes types. Please continue to visit our pages in for other useful information.

More on this in my next issue. Bye till then. Thankfully yours,

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